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The Multiloisirs card

The Multiloisirs card

Multi-Activity Card

For 42€ / week, you can have access to all the activities you dream of at les Menuires, Val Thorens or Saint Martin de Belleville.

Aquaclubs, tennis, fitness, aquagym, skate park, walks with guides, outside swimming-pool, shows, rollerblade...the Multi-activity card gives you free access to more than 20 activities as well as pedestrian and mountain bike access to all the ski lifts of the Valley.

This card allows you to benefit from discount on numerous activities : well being centres, street surfing, bowling... Welcoming sundays  :

Saint Martin de Belleville - Place de la Mairie - 6pm
Les Menuires - La Croisette - 11am
Val Thorens - Place Caron - 5pm< Children card (from 3 to 5 years old) : 29,5€

New : Multi-activity Day card : 19€ 
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This card gives you access to the best activities in the 3 resorts

• Aquaclubs of the 2 sports centres
• Ski lifts for pedestrian and mountain bikes in the Belleville Valley
• Indoors Fun Park
• Spot jeunes et ados (for young children and teenagers)
• Archery
• Outside tennis (1hr/day)
• Basketball, volleyball, outdoor football
• Tournament
• Table tennis
• Fitness/aquagym...
• Shows, evening animations and classical or jazz concert (according to the programme)
• Walks with guides
• "Les Bruyères" swimming pool (Menuires)
• Judo (Menuires)
• Outdoor Trampolines
• Mini golf (St Martin)
• Tennis (St Martin)
• Toro rodéo (Val Thorens)
• Pétanque
• Ballroom dancing
• Saint Martin de Belleville Museum


The Multiloisirs card allows you to enjoy from discount (10 to 20%) on several activities

Well-being centres of the 2 sports centres, Accro Benji, Tennis Didier Bret Morel, Paragliding, Belleville Guide's Office, Bowling, Forêt des Aventuriers, Aventure Sensation, Chemins du Baroque, Altana Bike, ESF Childrens Club, Alpine Chalet "Chez Pépé Nicolas", Chez Les P'tits Loups, Paint Ball, Mini Golf, Loisirs Créatifs, France Raft, La « Pêche des Belleville »

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