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#Advice A holiday in the mountains: quality me time and we time

Published the 22 February 2018

A holiday in the mountains: quality me time and we time


"On holiday, at last!" Do you say that to yourself too once you've arrived in resort, collected your hotel room or apartment keys, hired your snowsports equipment, bought your ski passes and got your skis on… ? Once all the arrangements are sorted, you can start enjoying being in the mountains (again).


As Gaston Rébuffat once said, "The mountains live only through the love of man. When the dwellings, trees and grass fade away, a barren, wild and mineral kingdom takes over. Yet, despite its extreme starkness and total bareness, it bestows priceless treasure: the happiness one discovers in the eyes of those who go there". These captivating landscapes and almost extreme living conditions are perfect for kick-starting you into LETTING GO of your everyday life. Forget all about your daily routine, let go and spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones, whilst also focusing on your self again.


5 ways to spend time together:


1.    Go down the same run together.
Have you got a mixture of beginners and advanced level skiers or boarders in your group? Agree on a run that's easily accessible for everyone and take time to chat together on the chairlift, taking a group photo on the slopes with pretty snowy views, stopping at regular intervals at a safe spot on the side of the slope, sharing your experiences. No showing off, just enjoying the time together.


2.    Take part in a fun activity.
Fancy tobogganing at night-time? A session at the Sports Centre's délir'park? A snake glisse descent? Val Thorens is brimming with activities that'll have you laughing your head off! It's not complicated - just have a blast!


3.    Treat yourself to a little pampering.
If you're feeling tired from using up so much energy, then it's time to relax. Whilst some of you have a splash around in the pool, the rest of you can luxuriate in the Jacuzzi. Not a care in the world.


4.  Go for a walk in the snow.
Walk slowly and admire the scenery: you'll feel your heart rate slow down, your stress levels lower and your spirit lift with the natural light!


5. Enjoy a nice meal together in a restaurant.
Mountain dishes are great to share. So what will you go for, raclette or fondue? There's plenty for everyone! It's the perfect opportunity to look back at the best bits of your holiday, making new memories together that will stay in your heart and mind when you get back home.


5 ways to spend time focusing on yourself:


You probably haven't come on holiday on your own but may well have a burning desire for some me time. Go for it! There's nothing selfish about wanting to recharge your batteries a little, it's YOUR holiday too.


1.    Have a rest.
Despite being part of a busy group, allow yourself a 20 minute nap every day. Lie on your back, cross your arms and legs and switch off from the background noise for a few minutes.

2.    Switch off from work.
Turn off your work phone, don't check your work emails and let your colleagues back in the office hold the fort. If you really want to make the most of your holiday, try to take a step back from your daily routine.

3.    Let yourself feel amazing.
Your youngest gets their first star medal at ski school, the sun set over Péclet is simply stunning, your friends congratulate you on how much your skiing has improved… Focus on the here and now, how good you feel - nothing else matters.

4.    Laugh.
Don't take yourself too seriously and let yourself have a good laugh! There's no better way of reducing stress and keeping it at bay.

5.    Don't do what you don't have time to do at home.
No, you're not going to call the bank, spend hours doing supermarket shopping or archiving your emails. There's a time for eveything and being on holiday is your time.

Doesn't going on holiday seem a lot less stressful now?


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