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#Art Did someone say Arty Park?

Published the 02 October 2013

Did someone say Arty Park? Where is it written that car parks have to be grey and unsexy? Val Tho astounds, Val Tho does the unexpected; it's where the fun carries on all the way to the car park, somewhere you'll find a very artistic surprise! Take a car park (PO), get rid of the monochrome walls, add a splash of colour, of life, and some brand new perspectives. It's the first of its kind, somewhere artists provide a unique, never-seen-before journey to every floor :)

Interview with William Wargniez, Valthoparc Managing Director:
Tell us about the project:
I should start by saying that every year, Valthoparc repaints its car park. This year, instead of calling upon traditional painters, we asked the graffiti and street artists who were here during the Val Totem event (winter 2012/2013). We had them repaint the 25m² walls between the different storeys, a huge 75m² wall, and the 50 m² wall at the car park entrance, making about fifteen murals in total. 
Why did Valthoparc decide to do this?
The idea was to show people something original and creative and offer an artistic experience in the mountains. Surprising, astonishing, and extending the spirit of Val Thorens, a resort of multiple atmospheres: the resort of "multi-coloured snow".  
Why did you choose graffiti artists?
We called upon graffiti artists to showcase street art and keep the Val Totem project alive. It's an artistic movement with a measure of boldness, and each artist has freedom in the work they create. We also wanted to add some colour, instil an arty atmosphere and simply bring the place to life.
How did you choose the graffiti artists you used?
We contacted the graffiti artists with whom we worked on the Val Totem project and they were all very happy to be involved. Next, it was a matter of scheduling and availability. Bravo and thank you to the graffiti artists on both projects: Wodzat, Monsta, Russ, Kouka, Ema, Gris 1, Nikodem, Vinz-U, Gilbert 1, Twopy, Kashink, Charly, Robin, Poupa and Iggy!
Can anyone come and see it?
Yes, of course, the P0 car park is open to anyone who wants to dive into the world of street art! Come and see it, it might be an unusual venue, but the works of art are astonishing! Just go to the PO reception, it's an art exhibition that won't fail to move you.
Ema Personal account
"Like the majority of artists who worked on this project, we'd previously taken part in Val Totem. Everyone welcomed this new Val Thorens project with real positivity because it was so interesting: there are huge surfaces to paint, and the resort has been really nice and welcoming to us. We are often asked to paint urban buildings, 'trompe l'oeil' pieces, signage, or in individual homes, but a car park interior was a first. It's great recognition for graffiti art and an opportunity for us to assert ourselves as artists. What we did at Val Tho wasn't decorating, before we're not just hired hands. Each mural is very personal and became a pure artistic endeavour. The only constraint we had was to keep within the colour codes, which wasn't really even a restraint. Each of us has our own style of graf, personally, I work with fonts, and here I created saturated graphic lettering of various shapes in colours I like working in, red/black/white/grey. It's a three letter word and to give you a clue, there's an M in the middle of it... _M_.." Find the answer on 4/5 floor of the P0 car park!
See a taster with video and photos. 

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