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#Ski Springtime in the mountains: total enjoyment!

Published the 09 April 2014

Sunglasses on sun lotion to get a nice tan and... skiing! Yes, skiing! In spring at an altitude of 2,300 metres, skiing is pure bliss...

Snow? Here's the Made In Val Thorens recipe! 

"Spring snow is a variety known as "corn snow", which contains more water than usual, the snow is heavier because it contains a higher proportion of water than air. But thanks to Val Thorens' high altitude and its north-facing section of ski area, snow conditions are comparable to those in February.
In the spring, more snow groomers are used in the timeslot between 6pm and 1am to make the snow softer and to perfect the snow quality on the skiable area, the majority of which remains open until the last day of skiing."

Gilles JAY, Val Thorens slope maintenance manager.

Springtime skiing for who?

Spring is a time of year that lets you ski on several different snow types in a single day.
The snow differs depending on the time of day, the exposition and even the altitude, thus permitting a variety of different types of skiing. On the south-facing slopes at average altitudes, the snow will be more spring-like. However, the higher you go on the north-facing slopes at altitudes over 2,700 metres, the more the snow will resemble that of January - February.

Ideal conditions for experienced skiers!

As soon as the slopes open, conditions are ideal for experienced skiers. The snow is firm and provides great results.

 Some advice from Timy THEAUX, skiing instructor and champion:
"To make the most of this snow type, I recommend you prepare your skis properly so they can be used to the best possible advantage."

And off-piste?

Timy's advice:
"Go off-piste skiing in the morning, and of course, always in the company of a professional! Never forget that the mountains are magnificent but they hold certain dangers that only professionals know how to detect."

How about for beginners?

Soft snow is great for learning to ski! Conditions are ideal for beginners who can enjoy pleasant temperatures and softer snow. Val Tho combines the necessary conditions for learning to ski: Learning Zone, Junior Area, Snowpark!

How about freestyle?

Are you jealous of the shapes professionals can throw in the snowparks? Spring is the perfect time to try your first jumps! The softer snow makes landing much easier. The snowpark is yours!

Timy's advice:
"It's a great time of year for beginners. However, that's no reason to launch yourself straight off the highest jump, above all... you must wear a helmet!"

Wildlife anecdote:
Little by little the animals are coming out of hibernation and towards the end of the season (the 11th of May in Val Thorens) from the vantage point of a chair lift, it's not unusual to see marmots waking up and making an appearance on the slopes. Shhh, keep your eyes peeled... Send us your photos!

And for relaxation?

Terraces in the resort and slopeside restaurants accessible to pedestrians. It's the ideal place to soak up some sunshine, recharge your batteries, top up your vitamin D, dance, or simply relax.

A wide variety of atmospheres are available, from lounge to silence, via rock star attitude. You can move between them as the fancy takes you.

Remember to bring sun block to avoid burning... Panda look guaranteed! Enjoy long days and endless lunches...

In Val Tho, the sun is a guest at the party and goes to bed late!
The key word of springtime in Val Tho: take some time out to enjoy yourself!

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