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#Advice The right settings for your GoPro

Published the 20 April 2018

Having grasped its various functions, now it’s time to learn how to use them. Here are the perfect settings to get the best performance from your GoPro!
Simple, normal use for posting on social networks or just for sharing with friends:


•    Resolution: 1080
•    FPS: 60
•    FOV: Wide
•    ProTune: off
•    Video stabilisation: on


These settings will provide fluid, good quality images, perfect for recording your highlights on the slopes and sharing them via QuikStories.


What is ProTune mode?
ProTune is an advanced mode that gives you access to extra settings so you can have more control over your images. It’s best not to use it if you don’t have a really good understanding of it:


•    Shutter Speed: just like stills photography, this lets you control the speed at which the shutter opens and closes, determining how long the camera exposes for light. Apart from in very specific cases, the shutter speed on a GoPro should stay set to Auto.
•    EV: exposure value compensation is a setting that lets you modify the image’s final exposure. Positive values will make the image lighter, negative values will make it darker.
•    ISO limit: the ISO is a unit of measurement designating the camera’s sensitivity to light. On Val Thorens’ sunny slopes, it’s best to set the minimum ISO to 200 and the maximum to 400 to avoid overexposing your images.
•    WB: white balance changes depending on the light. Outdoors, in natural light, you should aim for a white balance between 5000K and 6000K.
•    Sharpness: this setting lets you regulate how soft or sharp an image is. There’s no universal setting, it’s simply down to how you want the end result to look.
•    Colour: GoPro colour produces videos with GoPro-style vibrant pronounced colour without any need for retouching. “Flat” colour produces images with no colour balancing at all by the GoPro, which gives you a more neutral result and therefore more post-production options using calibration and colour balancing software.
•    Audio: gives you the choice of whether or not to record audio in a separate file to the video, and to add different effects.


Les 3 Vallées slopes eagerly await your exploits, especially now that you know the best possible way to capture them!


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