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Snowscoot French championships

Snowscoot French championships

Del 18 Enero al 19 Enero

The French championships of Snowscoot will take place in Val Thorens the 18th and 19th of January. It is the combination of snowsports and BMX that gave birth to this exciting new discipline.

On the occasion of the French championships, there will be three different trials:

The freestyle: the rider must display the best of his Snowscoot on a slope that is full of surprises!
At 10.30am on Saturday at the snowpark

The descent:
a slalom in which the rider has to race against time. Obstacles may get on his way.
At 2.30pm on Saturday at the slalom stadium.

The scootcross: a speed-race between 4 riders on a narrow slope with jumps and tight turns!
At 10.30am on the boardercross field

From 9am to 5pm on the Place Caron a test area will be opened to the public. Snowscoot professionals will be there to lend their gear.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place on the Place Caron on Sunday at 3pm by the test area.

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