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    +5° temp 2300m
    -3° temp 3200m
    D+1 weather forecast D+1 D+2 weather forecast D+2
  • slopes
    77/79open slopes of which 15 planned for opening
    31/31 ski-lifts of which 6 planned for opening
    224/251 open slopes of which 15 planned for opening
    117/125 ski-lifts of which 6 planned for opening
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Cyril Cyril, 27 years old, in charge of web development / Photographer.

An unconventional fan of all that is high-tech, he’s on a never-ending quest for original photos.

Cyril lives, breathes and devours the mountains!


Géraldine Marketing Development Manager - Social Media Manager (& a real Snow Addict!) 

33 years old… “Workaholic”, “Social Media Junkie” 2 iPhones instead of hands… and 2,300 metres up!

Passionate and inquisitive, she loves being in the mountains because up here, there’s no such thing as the daily grind. There’s always something to do, something to feel, and something fun to share…

Every day has to be a new experience. She sees life as a bowl of cherries and loves to see people’s eyes sparkling with joy!

Her job? From web to social research, partnerships to brand management, project development to managing a team of 5 equally enthusiastic employees, she’s crazy about it all!

But if ever she loses the plot, she turns into Benny the Snowflake! (but shhh, it’s a secret!).


Ingrid Ingrid, 25 years old, Miss Video of Val Thorens’ tourist office!

What does she like? Listening to stories, any kind of story (which often end up on a timeline montage it has to be said)!

Her hobbies: watching films, from the zaniest to the deepest, as well as watching the sunrise over the mountains, listening to the swishing sound of the snow and taking on the most unusual challenges … got any suggestions?


Thibaut Higher and higher! It’s just a stone’s throw from the largest natural lake in France to the highest ski resort in Europe!

Savoyard born and bred, a snowsports and watersports fan through and through, Val Thorens was the natural choice for me.

What’s my mission? To ensure my resort is more than a skier’s hot spot….to make it a genuine experience! Whilst I’m a keen follower of ultra-connectivity, I’m also a fervent defender of books…especially the ones that transport you to the other side of the world in three lines!

What’s my state of mind? To learn as if you were going to live forever and to live as if you were going to die today!

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