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News#Snow Report

[Snow Report] 3rd April 2014

#Snow [Snow Report] 3rd April 2014

Published the 03/04/2014

Hello everyone and welcome for this 3rd of April snow report.

Last night the wind has been blowing and it?s still blowing today. As you can see it's a cloudy day, unfortunately it will be the same for the next few days. The sun should be coming back next Monday.

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  • [Snow Report] 27 March 2014

    #Snow [Snow Report] 27 March 2014

    Published the 27/03/2014

    Hello everyone, welcome to the 27th of march snow report. As nobody volunteered to present this snow report, it?s me again? I count on you for next week guys!

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  • [Snow Report] 20 March 2014

    #Snow [Snow Report] 20 March 2014

    Published the 20/03/2014

    Hello and welcome for this snow report of March 20th! The weather will change and the snow will be back. Still a nice weather for today but we expect some ...

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  • [Snow Report] 6 March 2014

    #Snow [Snow Report] 6 March 2014

    Published the 06/03/2014

    Hello everyone, here we go for the 6th march snow report. As you can see, this is a beautiful day and it will be the same for the following days.

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  • [Snow Report] 27 Feb. 2014

    #Snow [Snow Report] 27 Feb. 2014

    Published the 27/02/2014

    Hello everyone and welcome for the snow report of the 27th February 2014 . Let me introduce myself, my name is Ingrid and I?ll do my best to present this snow ...

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