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[Snow Report] 24th December 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 24th December 2014

Today, it’s 24th December snow report’s. Exceptionally, we do it Wednesday, because tomorrow is Christmas Day! Santa Claus is coming with presents!

[Snow Report] 18th December 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 18th December 2014

Welcome in Val Thorens’ sport Center. Today I’ll present this Thursday 18th December snow report .

[Snow Report] 11th December 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 11th December 2014

Hello Everyone ! We are in Val Thorens this Thursday December 11th and my name is Ingrid. Today’s challenge is to present the snow report on a Segway. Trust me I’ve never done this before!

[Snow Report] 4th December 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 4th December 2014

Hello Everyone, I am Marie, I'll present you this Thursday 4th December's snow report. I am currently on the Alain Prost ice circuit in Val Thorens because this week-end we welcome the first race of the Trophée Andros...

[Snow Report] 27th November 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 27th November 2014

Hi everybody, my name is Marie and I am here to present you the snow report of the 27 November 2014. My challenge of the week is to present this snow report on a snowscoot. I have never been on a snowscoot before!

[Snow Report] 20th November 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 20th November 2014

Hello I am Cyril. Welcome to Val Thorens! As you can see the snow is there. This season we?ll do for you a new snow report, today we?ll be cross-country skiing: we?ll test the pists for you.

[Snow Report] 7th of May 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 7th of May 2014

Hello, today is the last snow report of the winter season! As you can see we still have some snow in Val Thorens.

[Snow Report] 1st May 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 1st May 2014

Hello and welcome to Val Thorens for the 1st of May snow report. My name is Emilie, live from the Arolles slope to explain you the next day?s weather forecast.

[Snow Report] 24th April 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 24th April 2014

Hello everyone, welcome for the 24th April 2014 snow report. As you can see the weather is beautiful today and some clouds are expected in the night. They should stay until tomorrow , bad weather is expected.

[Snow Report] 17th April 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 17th April 2014

Hello and welcome for this snow report of Thursday, April 17th. As you can see the sun is shining for the whole day!

[Snow Report] 3rd April 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 3rd April 2014

Hello everyone and welcome for this 3rd of April snow report. Last night the wind has been blowing and it?s still blowing today. As you can see it's a cloudy day, unfortunately it will be the same for the next few days. The sun should be coming back next Monday.

[Snow Report] 27 March 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 27 March 2014

Hello everyone, welcome to the 27th of march snow report. As nobody volunteered to present this snow report, it?s me again? I count on you for next week guys!

[Snow Report] 20 March 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 20 March 2014

Hello and welcome for this snow report of March 20th! The weather will change and the snow will be back. Still a nice weather for today but we expect some snowfalls for the next few days.

[Snow Report] 6 March 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 6 March 2014

Hello everyone, here we go for the 6th march snow report. As you can see, this is a beautiful day and it will be the same for the following days.

[Snow Report] 27 Feb. 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 27 Feb. 2014

Hello everyone and welcome for the snow report of the 27th February 2014 . Let me introduce myself, my name is Ingrid and I?ll do my best to present this snow report.

[Snow Report] 20 Feb. 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 20 Feb. 2014

Hello every body and welcome for the snow report of Thursday, feb 20th 2014 ! Today is a beautiful day for Val Thorens : Jean Fred Chapuis is the new Skicross Olympic Champion!

[Snow Report] 13 Feb. 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 13 Feb. 2014

Hello everybody ! I am out of breath and I am going to explain you the reason ! Just here behind there is our office and there is some snow : so we had to clear up the snow !

[Snow Report] 30 Jan. 2014

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 30 Jan. 2014

Hello and welcome for this snow report of Thurday , January 30th !

[Snow Report] 27th Dec. 2013

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 27th Dec. 2013

Hello and welcome for this snow report of December 27th ! As you can see , it has snowed very hard : nearly 30cm fresh snow ; it means 95cm snow at the resort and 1.40m at 3200meters.

[Snow Report] 5 Dec. 2013

#Snow Report [Snow Report] 5 Dec. 2013

Today it is Thursday, December 5th, and as you can see behind me, the weather is beautiful. Tomorrow, Friday December 6th, we expect some snow, and the cold weather will be back for the weekend. However, for the next week we expect beautiful weather!


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