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Degré7, skiwear specialist, defines its identity in compliance with its origins: created in 1982 by Patrick Vallençant, extreme skier and Ingrid Buchner, designer recognized in the world of ski apparel, the brand was the first to dare the use of color on the slopes, always keeping in mind to develop highly technical products. Today, style and performance are still (and always!) one of the priorities.

Degré7 brand proposes 4 labels :

- Degré7 Technical : marked style, color, technical proficiency that is constantly renewed: innovative and easy to wear, the Degré 7 Technical clothes provide hi tech quality adapted to freeride and active skiing.

- Degré7 Duvillard :
both elegant and technical, the Degré7 Duvillard line asserts itself through high-end materials, simple and precise fits, precious finishes and great attention to detail.

- Degré7 Kid Crossover (2-16 years) : with the same proficiency as Degré 7 Technical, the Degré7 Kid Crossover line offers high-performance technical clothing for the 2-16 year old, with perfect fit and very colorful style.

- Degré7 Colors : The journey is the origin of this outdoor lifestyle line. Each season is inspired by a place or by people of the world: the Akha from northern Thailand for the summer 2011 season, the Trans-Siberian universe for the winter 2011 season.


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