Val Thorens United
  • weather forecast
    weather forecast
    -2° temp 2300m
    -3° temp 3200m
    D+1 weather forecast D+1 D+2 weather forecast D+2
  • snow
    weather forecast
    85 cm DEPTH 2300m
    190 cm DEPTH 3200m
    0 cm Depth of the recent snowfall Hard
  • slopes
    79/80 open slopes
    31/31 ski-lifts
    283/339 open slopes
    135/160 ski-lifts
  • livecam

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All the latest news from the ski resort of Val Thorens on our blog, plus plenty of advice on how to organise your ski trip and choose the right equipment, plus hints and tips for a relaxing time in resort and news on how our local champions are doing !

How to choose your ski goggles

#Ski How to choose your ski goggles

Published the 19/03/2014

Whether it's a wonderfully sunny or foggy day on the slopes, ski goggles are an essential accessory for protecting your eyes and improving your vision!

In this article, you'll find all the advice you need to find the right ski goggles for you.

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