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Ski Cross French Championship

Ski Cross French Championship

From 29 March to 30 March

FIS discipline since 2003, the Skicross is a ski competition in which a group of skiers (usually four) start simultaneously atop an inclined course with jumps and woops, then race to reach the finish line first.

Its recent accession to the Olympic status, promise a bright future for this spectacular and media-related discipline. A lot of Alpine skiers are now going for Ski Cross to find, beyond a technical ski, a direct confrontation in a Freestyle culture. 

Come admire the Ski Cross French elite is going to compete on the chalet Boardercross (access via the 2 Lacs chairlift)


Program :

9am - 9.20am : Inspection
9.30am - 10.30am : Trainings
11am : Time trial
12.30pm : Finals

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