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#champions Julien Chorier - Confessions of a trail runner

Julien Chorier - Confessions of a trail runner

Published the 02 April 2013

During an evening ski touring. Julien Chorier, the french ultra-trailer was in Val Thorens. He told us a little of his daily life.

My name's Julien Chorier and I'm a trail runner, which basically means that I run in the mountains. I train regularly in Val Thorens, which is one of my key sponsors.

I'm a civil engineer by trade but I now work part time so I alternate between one day in the office and one day training and spending time with my family.

In winter I try to do a bit of everything; running on the footpaths when it's possible or otherwise a bit of ski touring, like I did this evening.

I really get a chance to prove what I can do over the mountain routes that are 80km long or more. Less than that and it goes too fast and they're not long enough for me. I've got a lot of stamina, but am not necessarily the fastest, which means that the shorter races are too fast for me. You tend to go a bit slower on the longer races, which suits me perfectly.

For the past 3-4 years I've been lucky enough to be able to train regularly here, which means I'm always meeting new people who are passionate about the mountains! As a resort, Val Thorens is keen to welcome new disciplines, so skiers and those who take part in all types of other disciplines can train alongside each other throughout the year, even in the summer. I think that's brilliant and it's exactly the way it should be !

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