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#Ski Kelly Sildaru at Val Thorens

Kelly Sildaru at Val Thorens

Published the 17 January 2013

Hello my name is Kelly Sildaru, I'm 10 years old and I live in Tallinn.
I am in Val Thorens today because there is a competition.
I have been in Val Thorens few time before/ I already came in Val Thorens, the snow is really good here, mountains are very big and I like the snow-park.
I want to win this competition and for the season my goal is to win as many competition as possible/ the maximum.
I don't remember my first freestyle competition. My dream is to earn maximum freestyle competition, and specially the bigger ones.
For me, I think, the greatest victories would (be) the x games and olympics games.
I have a funny story: how I made/spent my first flat spin.
My ski got stop on the kicker so it moved a little bit sideways. This was my first flat spin.

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