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#Snow [Snow Report] 13 Feb. 2014

[Snow Report] 13 Feb. 2014

Published the 13 February 2014

Hello everybody ! I am out of breath and I am going to explain you the reason !

Just here behind there is our office and there is some snow : so we had to clear up the snow !

Today is Feb 13th 2014 ; and there will be bad weather in the next days with snow and wind quite heavy today!

There is 1 meter snow at the resort and 2 meters at the top of the slopes. It is only a fresh and excellent snow!

There is a heavy avalanche risk of 4 out of 5 : so please be careful and cautious and do not ski off pistes!

Tomorrow (do not forget it!) is St Valentine's Day and we will meet you at Place Caron with a ginger hot wine, ice sculpture and a rose will be offered to the ladies !

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