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    50 cm DEPTH 2300m
    90 cm DEPTH 3200m
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#Snow [Snow Report] 23 Jan. 2014

[Snow Report] 23 Jan. 2014

Published the 23 January 2014

Hello and welcome for this snow report of Thursday , Jan 23th 2014 !

As you can see, the snow is back but we expect to have a sky cleared this afternoon but it will be a succession of weather disturbances with snow by the end of the week and next week !

The temperatures will be even colder.

There are 80cm snow at the resort and 1.50 m at the top of the slopes.

The avalanch risk is 2 out of 5 : i.e be very careful if you are skiing off pists !

For those who did not know about it , It was the SFR FREESSTYLE TOUR yesterday and even today ! If you want to have a look at the qualification video : just click here !

Maybe you can not see , but the snow flakes are here and it is so ... beautiful ! We are sure that if you like it or you subscribe to the Youtube channel, it will snow twice a lot !

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