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Seasonal Workers parking

Seasonal Workers parking


Thank you for answering our survey.
It is your personal choice to bring your own vehicle as a seasonal worker in Val Thorens.

We anticipitated that this allows you more autonomy. This also allows you to face unforeseen events, and helps you cope with difficulties you might encounter when spending a season in a ski resort, such as luggage, grocery shopping, school or medical services, family and work.


The current rules will not change. The conditions to obtain a parking space remain the same.
The price of the season ticket rises but is not doubled: 290 € for the P2 indoor or outdoor-parking, 550 € for P0 or P1. This is an increase of 26,8 % since the season 1995/96 (it was then 1500 F.F.), The increase is less than 1,5 % per year. The price of a baguette has risen 47 % during this same period ( I.N.S.E.E. and Consumer Institute Sources).

Our aim is not to radically change seasonal workers parking but to offer alternatives to those taking their own car, because they do not consider any other solution as practical.
This is beyond our means to build a new parking. With an annual income of 290 € per space (243 € before taxes) over of period of 20 years at an interest rate of 3 %, this represents a loan's capacity of
3.651 € for each parking space (at lowest valuation). That would result in a deficit of roughly 20.000 € per parking space, not considering the maintenance and operating costs. This would require a massive financial cost of 18 millions of € for 900 seasonal vehicles !!!

Neither Valthoparc, nor the municipality of St Martin de Belleville's are able to bear such investments.


Here are some alternatives we can propose:

This is also the reason why we questioned and informed you concerning these new solutions:
- car-pooling,
- partial reimbursment of public transport expenses,
- meeting the costs up to 50 % of the workers' return bus ticket between Moutiers and Val Thorens, with the Transdev Bus Company,
- vehicle hire availability for half or full day,
- public transport organised to reach Val Thorens at the beginning of the winter season,

Hereunder are some more details:

free access to the partner site from the end of August 2013.
No particular conditions required. Open to everybody. We'll let you know as soon as possible our Partner's name.

Partial reimbursment of public transports:
if you are on the list of Valthoparc seasonal workers for the season 2012/2013, you'll be able to get a reimbursment up to 75 €uros per person, per season, when you present your SNCF train or/and bus ticket Moutiers-Val Thorens. Apply to Valthoparc Booking Office, Parking Plein Sud,
Rue de la Boucle, 73440 VAL THORENS.

Daily bus transport (TRANSDEV) between Val Thorens and Moutiers:
You will have the possibility of buying, at one of the Valthoparc cashiers, a return bus ticket between Val Thorens and Moutiers for 5 €uros per person and per week, if you are on the list of Valthorparc seasonal workers for the season 2012/2013.
Car rental service: half or full day car rental. You have the possibility of renting a MINI under special conditions at the P0 parking.

Organisation of bus transportation: should the season's end experience be successfull,
(organisation of 4 buses with 2 main destinations on 2 different dates), we'll then consider the setting up of buses to reach Val Thorens at the beginning of next winter season. There would be departures from major urban centres with stops on the way to Val Thorens. This would be a bus equipped with a large trailer, allowing the transportation of lots of personal belongings. The low cost fare would be 30 €uros per person, including luggage.
We'll let you know the dates and city names by the beginning of October 2013.

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