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How to take great ski holiday photos - Going further

#Art How to take great ski holiday photos - Going further

Have you already read the first article on how to take great ski holiday photos? Did you find it useful but want to go more in-depth? Then these 2 new photography techniques are for you!

How to take great ski holiday photos

#Art How to take great ski holiday photos

Today, we're going to get started on an important topic to make your holiday a success: unmissable souvenir photos! Whether it's a picture of your fearless other half descending their first red run, a superb panoramic photo from the Cime Caron summit or even a night-time photo with the mountains as the backdrop to immortalise the resort's atmosphere, discover our advice and tricks in this article!

Did someone say Arty Park?

#Art Did someone say Arty Park?

Did someone say Arty Park? Where is it written that car parks have to be grey and unsexy? Val Tho astounds, Val Tho does the unexpected; it's where the fun carries on all the way to the car park, somewhere you'll find a very artistic surprise!


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