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Dynafit Snow Leopard Track

Dynafit Snow Leopard Track

Van 8 Januari tot en met 23 April

Come and discover ski touring with ski touring lovers from the resort. You will have a wonderful time in a friendly atmosphere when discovering this sport and surpassing yourself.

An easy climbing at the end of the day on the skis with sealskin to arrive to Chalet de la Marine, at 2500 in height. You will discover breathtaking scenery while enjoying a glass of hot wine and tasting local specialities.

The best skiing in the best atmosphere - the best souvenirs!


- Wednesday 8th January 2014
- Wednesday 29th January 2014
- Wednesday 19th February 2014
- Wednesday 26th February 2014
- Wednesday 5th March 2014
- Wednesday 12th March 2014
- Wednesday 2nd April 2014
- Wednesday 16th April 2014
- Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Information and bookings at the Tourist office.
Registration fee to be confirmed

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