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"When you are happy, you want everyone else to be happy"

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The My Serenity Project

Val Thorens is THE ski resort that wants to make you happy! Going on holiday is all about soaking up the atmosphere, experiencing new things, and sharing moments with your loved ones – so it’s important to be brimming with positive energy and make precious memories. That’s the thinking behind the My Serenity method – encouraging holiday-makers to shrug off stress and embrace happiness.


A meeting that sparked an idea

The My Serenity project is the brainchild of Dr Philippe Rodet, an expert in happiness and stress management. The idea came to him after a holiday in Val Thorens, where he saw that all the right ingredients were in place to relieve stress and achieve a state of wellness.

The former A&E doctor now delivers speeches in Val Thorens every season, and dispenses invaluable advice in the My Serenity guide, which is distributed free of charge in shops and accommodation across the resort.


The My Serenity Guide

The My Serenity Guide, launched in November 2017, is designed to bring some serenity into your life. Co-authored by Dr Philippe Rodet, it sets out a proven method to help you adopt wellness habits and protect you and your loved ones from stress.

Free copies of the guide are available throughout the resort.


Meet the resort's Happiness Providers

We’ve taken things a step further by creating the My Val Thorens Serenity mark, awarded to products, activities, attitudes and experiences that help lower your stress and guide you towards a state of lasting serenity.

Share a fortifying drink with friends and tuck into a home-made cake that’s rich in antioxidants. Admire the Aiguille de Péclet, watch the snow falling outside your window, embrace the moment and recharge your batteries.

Every Happiness Provider is different – whether it’s an activity, a gesture, a snug location, a delicious meal or a drink that’s packed with antioxidants. But they all have one thing in common: they’re here to make you happy.


Read more about our Happiness providers below:


Our Hapiness Providers


My Serenity Guide

Club Val Thorens : an unmissable opportunity with Val Thorens

Val Thorens professionals See directory below for services available
Tourist Hotels Happiness Providers Clean United
Hotel Pashmina *****
The hotel Pashmina le refuge ***** made in Val Thorens redefines the codes of luxury by resting on simple and essential values which true mountain-dwellers adhere to.
Sporting Activities Happiness Providers Clean United
Raquette Nature
If you are looking for peace and quiet surrounded by nature with the sound of snow crunching under your feet, then Raquette Nature is for you. We have a true passion in our love of sharing the wildest areas of our mountains. Carefully guiding you is what our business is all about. Follow our footsteps.
Hygiene, Health And Beauty Health and Wellness (Spa) Happiness Providers
Le Spa du Koh-I Nor*****
The Black Diamond Spa offers your five senses a holistic experience of well-being. A new concept for a unique experience, in association with the prestigious brands Valmont and ESPA, used exclusively at the Koh-I Nor in Val Thorens. New: ESPA, a brand offering totally natural, vegan ingredients.
Ski Sporting Activities Happiness Providers Clean United
Ski Cool Ecole internationale de ski et snowboard
Ski Cool was founded in 1981 and is one of the oldest ski schools in Val Thorens. It has continuously evolved and has been able to harness the experience of its team to stay cool and close to its clientele. Ski Cool has a creative approach and we use our spirit of openness and acceptance to enchant our guests year after year.
Hygiene, Health And Beauty Health and Wellness (Spa) Sporting Activities Happiness Providers
Escale Zen
Residences (others) Happiness Providers
Lac du Lou (le)
Ski Happiness Providers
Caroline - Ski instructor and therapist
Happiness Providers
Children’s workshops
Happiness Providers
Arnaud the trapper
Bar/Nightclubs Tourist Hotels Happiness Providers
Fitz Roy (le)*****
Restaurants Bar/Nightclubs Happiness Providers Clean United
Alpen Art