These information are for summer 2022 and are subject to change for summer 2023. It will be updated at the end of May.


Explore the Vallée des Belleville through 11 iconic places steeped in nature and history.

At each location you will find a sign with a letter that will enable you to find the mystery word and give you the chance to win the prize draw.

A game to play with family or friends that will help you explore the treasures of the valley at your own pace.


11 places to explore:


From 1200 to 3200 m, this route leads to the discovery of the emblematic treasures of "La Vallée des Belleville". From Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie to the Cime Caron via the bucolic Lac du Lou, the experience of the ascent journey is lived through eleven unmissable stages.


How it works:


  • Stage 1: put on your trainers
  • Stage 2: set off to discover the 11 must-see places, in the order you want (some on foot, by bike, by car, by shuttle bus, by ski lift...)
  • Step 3: at each place, you will find a small sign the size of a hand, on which appears a letter of the alphabet, note it on your roadbook on the right page
  • Step 4: At the end of the roadbook, compile the letters found and put together a secret word
  • Step 5: Did you find it? Well done. Go to one of the tourist offices to get your gift (a surprise for every 6 places visited, a great gift for every 8 places visited)
  • Step 6: Yes, it's not over yet. Every Friday, a draw will be held in each resort to win a Savoyard hamper.
  • Step 7: Post your best photos and give us your opinion on this trip so that we can improve this adventure for next year


Keep your eyes and ears wide open, you are in for a treat!

The roadbook can be collected free of charge at the Val Thorens Tourist Office.

For more information on the roadbook, contact the Tourist Office
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