It's with great joy and delight that we'd like to say THANK YOU for spending this magnificent season with us!

Between the 22nd of November and the 11th of May, 170 days flew by! A series of experiences combining intensity, simplicity, sharing and new encounters.

If you had to sum this season up in a single word? er... Enjoyment, lust for life, surprises, excitement?
From awards kicking off the season on the 23rd of November, events and experiences to share, the thrill of our champions Chloé Trespeuch and Jean Fred Chapuis' Olympic medals, to ski days, sunbathing, zip-lining, events bringing people together and countless other magical moments. So many experiences that will remain etched in our memories.

As every memory is unique, the Tourist Office team has recalled a few anecdotes for you... You are cordially invited to share your own best memories (see the bottom of the page)!

Welcome to a "Live United" world, welcome to Val Thorens!

Thank you and see you very soon!

Want To Ski NOW !!
"23rd of November... Tick, tock, tick, tock... Everyone in position! In a few minutes the ski season kicks off. We've been getting more impatient by the day... We can't wait to get together to leave our first tracks in the snow. Ingrid armed with her camera, and me with my microphone. Jumping in the first ski lift, we set off to collect your first impressions. Smiling ear to ear, the first thrills are back. Everyone's in a fantastic mood. What a great experience. It's the first get-together of the season, which is unmissable for me. We love this time because it means that Val Tho is finally open! "

"Flying has always been a childhood dream of mine! The minute I take off, I'm filled with a mixture of excitement and fear. Then I'm away, going faster and faster until suddenly... I'm flooded by this incredible sense of freedom. The panoramic views almost 250 metres up in the air are breath-taking. That's a memory I never want to forget!"

"I come up from the valley every morning. And when the weather's good and the sun has just risen, I really feel as if I'm on top of the world. This light and these landscapes are simply magical."

"Every year, winter seasons in Val Thorens involve meeting new people and having new experiences... I will always remember Thursday the 20th of February. The whole resort was gathered in a bar watching the Olympics on a big screen. Everyone was there. Jean-Frédéric Chapuis (the Val Thorens champion), was in the Men's Skicross Final at Sochi. When the gates opened ... a shiver took hold of us all and didn't let go until there was an indescribable explosion of joy. It was a fantastic race, a fantastic victory, and a superb human experience we all went through together!"

"The satisfaction we experience on reception when a client comes back to see us the next day, completely bowled over by our recommendations."

"I had friends visiting for a week in January and after bingeing on skiing and the 3 Vallées ski area, which some of them were discovering for the first time, we booked an ice driving session on the Val Thorens race track.
All four of us were motorcyclists and motor sports fans, and our goal for the day was to discover the thrills of ice driving!
At first, we accelerated tentatively to get a feel for the ice, before getting a bit too optimistic taking the corners, which resulted in some stunning 360s!
Not to mention some legendary overtaking and braking! =) In the end, we rounded off the day with a much anticipated race!"


"On Friday the 1st of November, winter had come to Val Tho but the mood in the resort was still very peaceful. Then, mid-morning, the news broke: "Val Thorens has just been voted the most innovative resort in Europe at the World Snow Awards...!!" A fortnight afterwards, I thought I must have been dreaming when it happened again: "We've just won the award for Best Ski Resort in the World...!" Unbelievable! When we heard the news from Kitzbühel that we'd just won the world title, our celebrations were fit for a World Cup victory. It's incredible but true, there are hardly 200 of us perched up in Val Thorens but nevertheless, fans from all 4 corners of the globe voted us the resort they loved the most. It's a great honour to have been part of it and to have spoken to journalists from around the world about the news."

"Living in Val Tho means starting your day with your family at 7am, bleary eyed and wishing you were still in bed. But no, we get ourselves moving, get equipped, get frustrated with our hiking boots because they won't go on our feet, then we take our skis and sealskins and switch on our head-torches before setting off on the 500 metre climb to the Bouquetin summit. Climbing for an hour while watching the sun slowly rise is a beautiful start to the day. Having shaken off our morning grumpiness 2,800 metres up, dad and I have the mountains all to ourselves and like to watch the resort wake up. We never forget to indulge in a little treat, enjoying a hot chocolate at the summit. Then we ski down a freshly groomed run, which has to be the best possible start to a day's work!!
It's impossible to tire of it, no morning is ever the same as the next and you're continually surprised by something ;)
My advice for anyone allergic to mornings: go for a short ski hike once a week, your days are guaranteed to never be the same again ;)"


"It's time to go to school!
The painful prospect of an early morning followed by a long trek to school! Quick, a solution is required... You see the freshly fallen snow and Eureka! You share your idea and without a second thought, jump out of bed, wolf down a piece of toast... get dressed and pull your boots on! We leave the house happily together, and after a short climb there we are: winning our morning battle - on our way to school. Sat on the toboggan with my daughter huddled between my knees, that's it, we're off, it's a fantastic journey, the turns are handled perfectly, there's a long straight route and there we are, in front of the nursery school! A teacher is there to see us ploughing into a pile of fresh snow and breaking out in a fit of giggles! It's the best toboggan ride I could ever share and this simple but precious experience will stay with me forever."


"Of the many memories forged every day during a season in Val Thorens, I'll always remember one particular highlight that happened a week before Val Thorens opened.
We were in Kitzbühel as part of the Val Thorens delegation for the World Ski Awards. We'd just won the award for Best French Resort. And then, the evening meal continued and we were celebrating this fantastic recognition in style. Suddenly, the presenter was about to announce the winner of the award for Best Resort in the World... The room was silent... Everyone held their breath and... They called the Val Thorens delegation up to the stage... Winning that title in front of 200 other resorts was an utterly indescribable experience! The feeling of being part of a large team, of having received recognition... We hadn't been expecting it at all, though we knew that we'd done everything possible to always offer the best of skiing and the best of atmospheres to our clients... I felt a really strong rush of fulfilment and then suddenly a sense of loss... The loss of not having my team there to share this moment and reward them for all their hard work, and the loss of not being with our clients, our fans, our ambassadors with whom I wanted to share it all... right then! Because that's why we're here, to do our very best to make our clients happy!
In any case, it was a hugely fulfilling experience, and above all a promise for us to do even better to delight our clients, and now our friends... for life!"


The marmot who stopped talking! (client anecdote via email)
"I bought a talking marmot in a shop in Val Thorens.
This marmot broke and stopped talking.
The shop I bought it from is located next to the square, near the bakery.
I hope that you know which shop I mean and that you'll be able to help me.
Can you give me the shop's telephone number so I can exchange the marmot because now my collection is not complete.
I will return the marmot who stopped talking by post so the shop can send me one that talks."

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