Are you sitting comfortably in front of your computer and thinking of just one thing....getting away from it all??

At this very moment you dream of getting your skis on and devouring the slopes...With the snow beneath your skis, as you gain speed you feel free as a bird! Your family and friends are smiling, and so are you.

What else could you dream about?

Overtake your best friend at the finish line and win the toboggan race!
Scream out with joy as you look down at the Bouchet glacier whilst whizzing along the zip wire!
Hurtle down the skicross stadium, a turn to the right... a turn to the left....jump!
Let yourself go as you listen to the sounds of rhythmic beats!

Experience and share these moments of happiness, that's your aim. The «Live United» state of mind is part of who you are.

Are your speakers switched on? Are your screen settings correct? Gloves and beanie within easy reach?

You're ready for a two minute break.

Bon voyage...

Val Thorens will continue to innovate this winter with well-being, easy living and comfort in mind. How do you fancy diving into a frozen lake or discover the resort aboard a segway?

See you soon!

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Thibaut P. | Val Thorens ski resort
Published by
Thibaut P.
CRM manager
On 3 September 2014
powder alarm tho !
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