6 tips to keep future champions happy on the way here.


Your holiday has finally arrived and in just a few hours from now you'll be on the slopes! But before that happens, there's the small matter of the journey to the resort on using various methods of transport. Will you have a few hours' wait at the train station or in the departures lounge? Here's how to keep your toddlers and future champions entertained.


Tip n°1: The destination game

There's nothing better than a spot of geography to liven up the troops! If you're sitting near a departures board, have a timetable booklet with you, or are just in the vicinity of some spoken announcements, here are three options:
-    Use the letters in the destinations to play a simple game! Which destinations have the most letter As? Etc…
-    List a monument or a historical event for every destination on display! A bit of culture!
-    How about having your child locate the destinations displayed on a map?


Tip n°2: A traditional bit of shopping

What better way to stretch your legs and pass some time? Walk around the local boutiques and nearby shops. It could be a chance to discover some local specialities.


Tip n°3: In my suitcase there is a…

"In my suitcase, there are some… ski goggles," the first player might say. The next repeats what has already been said, then adds their own example to the suitcase. "In my suitcase, there are… some ski goggles and some sun cream". The next player continues "In my suitcase, there are… some ski goggles, some sun cream and a book about tortoises." It continues until a player draws a blank on the list.
It's also a fun way to check that you haven't forgotten to pack something!


Tip n°4: Recap the highlights

"What are the 5 best moments you've had since we left the house?" This is a good way to put your toddler in a positive frame of mind before the rest of the journey.


Tip n°5: Almost on the slopes!

Did you remember to print out a piste map? Open a map of the ski area on your touchscreen tablet or smartphone and you're off. The idea is to ask your child to tell you the shortest route between two ski runs that they can find. You can make it harder by adding variations such as "without taking any black runs" or "must use the Caron ski lift".


Tip n°6: Nothing beats some good old fashioned colouring in… Made in Val Thorens

Still have a few more hours to wait before your next train or shuttlebus to the resort? Do you know about the colouring-in map of Val Thorens? Can you find the zip line?
Order it here: http://www.j-moins.ski/pocketmap/


If you have other tips to keep future champions occupied, don't hesitate to share them with us.

And finally don't forget… you're on holiday!


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