It’s great to be able to take your time on holiday, and have a nice lie-in, but there are also lots of advantages to getting up early…So let me tell you why you should set your alarm to wake you up bright and early tomorrow morning!

1/ Watch the sun rise over the summits.

This is a magical, fleeting moment; no two sunrises are ever the same! Watching daybreak gives you the chance to admire a unique display of light and shadow, with the mountains bedecked in beautiful colours, ranging from yellow to blue, pink and violet. And if you’re outside, you’ll feel the first rays of sunshine warm your cheeks…

2/ Be the first to leave your tracks in the snow

Take the first chair lift of the day, get to the top, admire the beautiful corduroy slopes, painstakingly prepared by the piste groomers during the night… and have the runs all to yourself! This is your chance to “let your skis go” and enjoy yourself as you carve through perfect snow.

Once you get to the bottom, don’t forget to turn back and look at your tracks - they’ll soon disappear but you’ll remember them for a long time to come!

3/ Discover “chilled-out snowshoeing” and outdoor yoga

New this season, our “chilled-out snowshoeing” sessions combine snowshoeing with yoga at the heart of nature. Set off at daybreak, making regular stops to carry out various yoga poses. The key moment has to be the sun salutation, with the first rays of sunshine!   

4/ Take time to enjoy lunch on a terrace without feeling guilty

Physical effort and cold weather mean that you need to stay hydrated and eat well. If you’ve been skiing since 9am, you’ll be skiing a lot more than everyone else! You can afford to enjoy a leisurely lunch in the sunshine, as you’ll burn it off when you’re back on the slopes!

5/ Try ski touring instead of going for a morning jog

If you’re a keen runner, you’ll experience the same sports and endurance sensations with fitness-style ski touring. Once you’ve got all the lightweight ski touring gear, get to grips with the discipline on a dedicated ski run every morning between 7am and 9am.

If you would prefer to be part of a supervised group, the Mountain Office organises free group sessions every Tuesday morning from 7am to 8.30am, with technical advice and cardio training.

6/ It’s good for you!

Holidays are the perfect time to change your habits. If you usually go to bed late, enjoy the well-being effect of waking at dawn. Many a study has proven this to make you more efficient, calmer…and happier! What more could you ask for :-)?

7/ Have enough time to discover all the hidden secrets of “Les 3 Vallées” ski area.

You probably know that Les 3 Vallées is the largest ski area in the world. To be able to ski all the runs and discover the area’s hidden secrets, you really need time. By hitting the slopes first thing in the morning, you’ll have more time and will feel less pressure to race back to resort at the end of the day.

8/ Surprise your other half by making them breakfast

Being on holiday is also about spending quality time together as a family. Why not start off the day by making breakfast for your other half. Pop to the bakery for some fresh pastries, slice some fresh fruit or pour a vitamin-packed fruit juice, along with a cup of tea or coffee, and there you have it.

If you’ve got any other reasons, Share them with us in the comments box below!


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