GoPros are excellent cameras that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a camera to record a holiday with friends under the Val Thorens sun or are an action cam to film your next off-piste run, a GoPro will prove indispensable either way. They’re really simple to use, even for beginners, which is a huge plus, and they make it possible to shoot really beautiful images very easily. That said, they’re also cutting-edge technology with settings that once mastered, will give your videos a whole new dimension. Here’s a short tour of the technical terms you may come across when using your GoPro camera.



This is the image size, the number of pixels that make up an image. The higher the resolution, the more pixels the image contains and therefore the higher the image quality. On the GoPro Hero 7 Black there are 7 different resolutions; 4k, 4k 4:3, 2.7k, 2.7k 4:3, 1440, 1080 and 720. Please note: higher resolutions mean much bigger files that will take up more space on your SD card and require a computer that’s powerful enough to read 4k image files.


FPS (Frames Per Second)

It is the number of images that make up one second of video. The higher the number, the smoother the video looks. In most cases, you won’t need a high FPS number unless you want to film something in super slow-motion. The Hero 6 Black has 5 different FPS settings; 240, 120, 60, 30 and 24. But be aware, higher FPS rates aren’t available at every resolution and are harder for less powerful computers to read.


FOV (Field Of View)

Is the Field Of View through which the GoPro films. Just like the human eye, a lens has a viewing angle through which it sees things. The Hero 6 Black has three available Field Of View settings: Narrow, Medium and Wide. The Wide setting gives you more of the peripheral view but it creates a “fish eye” effect, which slightly deforms the image.

GoPro setting for skiing


Advanced GoPro settings that give you even more precise control over your image. We'll see this point in details in another article coming soon ;)


Timelapse video on GoPro

This mode offers an easy way to shoot a timelapse video that comes ready-made out of the camera.


Timelapse photo on GoPro

This mode also lets you shoot a timelapse video but the GoPro doesn’t compile the separate images into a single video. Instead, all the photos are stored on the SD card and you have to compile them yourself using editing software. This method gives you more control over your timelapse (calibration, timing etc) but takes longer and can be trickier.


Burst mode (photo)

Burst mode lets you take a series of photos within a set time. The frequency will determine the number of photos taken during this length of time. This setting is available in photo mode when burst is selected (from the mode selection menu). The setting names are simple: the first number designates the number of photos taken during a set length of time. The second number corresponds to that length of time. For example, 30/6 means that once you press the button the GoPro will take 30 photos in 6 seconds. 10/3 is 10 photos in 3 seconds. 5/1 5 photos in one second.



This is the GoPro app for automatically editing your videos by selecting what you’ve filmed. It’s available on iOS and Android and you will need to connect the app to your GoPro.

right settings for my GoPro for skiing


Now you know everything there is to know about these cameras, so there’s no excuse not to have your GoPro on the perfect settings to shoot stunning holiday videos!


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