This season, enjoy your skiing holiday in Val Thorens to live a unique experience in the heart of the resort. A game that will ask you to use your skills and your brain to succeed!

What is a live escape game?

Escape from the room!
The challenge of the team? Escape from the room by solving puzzles and games of skills!

Play with your team!
Each team consists of 3 to 5 players. And you'll need to use all your team's talents to succeed!

Be smart!
Team spirit, logic, creativity, good memory and communication: these are the keys to success!

Run against the clock!
Be careful! The clock is ticking and your time will be limited to achieve your mission!

Amazing sceneries!
Ultra-realistic sceneries will transport you in an unusual and immersive universe during the game!

An extraordinary experience!
A live escape game cannot be explained. You have to live it! Join this adventure with us!

The Val Thorens escape Adventure : Le Casse du Siècle

You have just been asked by Monsieur De La Rochardière to replace its former team of robbers who has been recently arrested by the police.

Your mission, should you accept it: steal a very valuable relic which is currently exhibited in a temporary exhibition at a famous gallery in Paris.

Enter the art gallery, avoid the safety devices and make the biggest robbery ever. But be careful, you will only have 45 minutes to figure out how to succeed!

Difficulty level: 3/5
Sceneries: 4/5

Team size: From 2 to 5 players (from 7 years old with an adult or over 12 years old without adult)
Game duration: 45 minutes
Rate: 20€ per player

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