Club zones on Tuesday and Wednesday nights: how does it work?


Are you already a Club Val Thorens member or someone who'd like to find out a bit more about the Club before joining? It so happens that an area is reserved exclusively for Club Val Thorens members every Tuesday and Wednesday evening during the February and March school holidays so everyone can come along and have fun together. Come to Place Caron from 6pm and receive a fitting welcome: raclette cheese on artisanal bread, 'Suze' cocktails or hot chocolate for little ones, and a lounge area so you can sit comfortably and swap your favourite memories of the day!


Thibaut, Morgane, Edouard, Ilse, Aurélien, Jérôme, Adrien, Benjamin, Dorine, Léa, Bastien… It takes a lot of us to pull off this unique 'made in Val Thorens' experience! Here's all the behind-the-scenes secrets that go into hosting the event:     

1st stage: preparation    


Monday morning, 9am: time to meet up and plan everything required to set up the two Club areas for the week. Morgane and Ilse are in charge of picking up the bread and cheese ready to slice you off some delicious raclette platters… As for Edouard and Thibaut, they're already planning the area layout: "we'll put the deckchairs here, the tents there, we'll set barriers up all around the edge…".


2nd stage: setting up


It's already 4pm, so we quickly pull on our hats, gloves, ski pants and start getting the place ready! Barriers, tents, cocktail tables, deckchairs, raclette equipment and urns, duckboards, projectors, banners, iPads and fluorescent bracelets, not to forget Monsieur Nounours… Nothing is too much for our Club members :)

3rd stage: hosting the party    


6pm is our favourite time: the first Club members begin arriving and little by little the space starts to fill up! This is a time for chatting with guests as they come in to swap anecdotes about Val Thorens or share a few of the Club's top tips and special offers. But we won't keep you too long, we know that the inviting aroma of the raclette and the intriguing 'Suze' mountain cocktails are piquing your curiosity and making your mouth water! That's when the party gets into full swing, children play among themselves while the adults get to know each other and chat about their respective holidays… It's a simple moment for Val Thorens fans to share.

4th stage: tidying up


It's 8pm, the last Club members have left to carry on the party elsewhere and it's down to us to do battle with the tidying-up! It's time to dismantle everything and for the whole team to work flat out… The slightly unluckier colleagues are left with the task of washing up. After an hour, everything is looking spick and span and back in the right place, and we won't lie, tiredness is starting to rear its head so it's time for everyone to stop what they're doing. The day has come to an end… Ready to do it all again on Wednesday?

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