You’ve planned your ski trip months in advance, but things can still go wrong…


Rescue on the slopes in France:


A charge is made for rescuing you on the slopes when you’re in France: ski patrol rescuers take the necessary steps depending on the situation: evacuation on a rescue sled, helicopter, calling an ambulance and resort doctors. The charge depends on the location of the accident (evacuation from the snow front will be less expensive than from a run on the Cîme Caron, for example) and the type of intervention.

Given that the cost of evacuation by helicopter can quickly exceed €1,500 euros, it pays to play it safe!


pisteurs secouristes Val Thorens


Your credit card or social security/sickness cover might help with the costs resulting from an accident on the slopes.

But beware - check the extent of your cover, maximum amounts and cover exclusions!

Every country has its own approach to sickness cover and the payment of medical expenses, so we can only advise you to find out in advance for 100% peace of mind!


The cashier at the skipass desk might have offered you insurance when you were buying your skipass, but what does it actually provide?


The Savoie region in France can offer you “Carré Neige” insurance. It’s sold by the ESF (French Ski School) and at the skipass desks and was introduced specially by and for skiers nearly 30 years ago! It covers all the little accidents you might have on your ski holiday.


Carré Neige comes as several options (single day, cross-country skiing and seasonal), offering cover for your skipass, ski lessons, rescue and medical expenses. So, there’s nothing to pay up-front if you are injured on the slopes!


Another plus point is that this type of insurance isn’t limited to skiing on marked runs. It also covers you if you have an accident on a toboggan, and even an accident off-piste - provided that your route is accessible from the ski lifts.


When you take out the Carré Neige Intégral option, you won’t lose any money if your stay is cancelled or if you fall ill or are injured during your holiday. And you will also be doing a good deed if you take out Carré Neige insurance: the money helps support local sports projects. Financial support is provided for the Club des Sports in the resort, helping young people with their sport and schooling.


But remember - Carré Neige is great, but it doesn’t cover your accommodations costs! If you’re already covered for skipasses, lessons and equipment, you might like to ask your accommodation provider about their accommodation insurance - they all have their own cancellation options. If you rent your accommodation via the booking centre at the Tourist Office (Val Thorens Réservation), you can take out cancellation insurance to cover the unexpected!


It’s down to you to assess your own situation and decide whether to take out insurance or not. If you need any more information, be sure to ask a member of staff at the skipass desk - they will be happy to tell you all about the cover offered by this particular insurance!

Happy skiing and stay safe in Val Thorens!


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