Friends, skiing, no stress.

It’s not always easy to get together with friends, which is why you’ve decided to book a week’s ski holiday with the whole gang.

After many a dilemma about the date, whether to go for a week in January, February or March, and what apartment to go for, you’ve finally booked!
For the destination, it was a no brainer -  it had to be Val Thorens: mind-blowing skiing for Julie and Max, relaxing for Laetitia and plenty of buzzing hubs and activities for you to get together and have fun - Val Tho is the perfect mix for a holiday with friends.

Now it’s time to get organised!
You’re already scatterbrained when it comes to sorting yourself out, so when you’re in charge of organising everone else’s holiday it could be interesting….. 

Here are a few of my top tips:

- Manage your budget by using various smartphone apps: you just need to enter the amount spent by each friend and the app works out the total, and who owes what to whom. No more complicated calculations on the restaurant napkin; get connected!  

- Make doing the dishes a ski challenge. It’s always the same with groups, no one ever wants to clear the table. My solution is the following: the last one to the bottom does the washing up! (or you could always ask our destination experts for an apartment with a dishwasher….).

- Before you leave home, make sure you pack your board games. Even if we do our utmost to order blue skies all winter, from time to time we do get snow and fog on the mountain tops too. So make the most of the day to challenge your friends to some fun games: Dixit, Times Up, Bohnanza, Pictionary, Risk are great ways to pass the day.

- Give yourself some space! Make little sub-groups and allow yourself some time to do what you fancy - the girls might like to go to the spa whilst the guys might like to try their hand at an exhilarating Fat bike on snow session. Or the other way round - the men relaxing in the Jacuzzi whilst the ladies hit the slopes on their MTBs.

- It’s not easy taking 50 friends skiing with you, so why not send them a postcard ? Val Tho and Fizzer have joined forces to bring you a digital postcard; head to the Péclet gondola laift or the Tourist Office to get the code.

- And one last piece of advice, don’t overdo the après too much!


Have a great holiday!


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