It’s almost night-time and the snowflakes are twirling in the wind. You’re sitting comfortably on your sofa and it’s time to think about the evening ahead.


Operation raclette? Oh no, I forgot to buy the potatoes.


How about fondue instead? We had one two days ago.


Why don’t you go out for dinner instead? Just the two of you, or with friends. What a good idea, a restaurant would be lovely! You flick through the online directory and….you’ve made your mind up.


We’ve come up with 5 hot tips to make sure your evening out is absolutely perfect (as said by a keen foodie!).



Relish the moment


Take your time. This is the key ingredient to enjoying yourself. Don’t rush!


Leave yourself enough time to get ready, stroll through the village streets, do a spot of window shopping … and build up an appetite.


Once you’re sitting comfortably at your table, switch off your phone, soak up the atmosphere and look lovingly into your partner’s eyes.


There’s no point in rushing, just enjoy the moment.


When you’ve finished dinner, why don’t you go for a little walk to help you digest?




Be inquisitive.


It’s good to be curious! When you’re deciding on a restaurant in Val Thorens, don’t hesitate to find out more about the specialities they serve, as well as the chef’s culinary style of cuisine and background. What is the restaurant’s style? Traditional? Innovative? Molecular?


The opinions of other customers can also be a great help when deciding.


When you get there, have a good look at the menu. Not sure whether to go for Maine lobster salad à la Française or Sbrinz AOP cheese shavings… ? Don’t worry, the waiter will be able to help, there’s no shame in not having an in-depth knowledge of Swiss fine cheeses! A dish is always more enjoyable to eat when you know what ingredients are in it and what the story behind the dish is, if there is one.


If you would like a glass of wine with your meal (to be enjoyed in moderation of course), ask the waiter what they would recommend, they will only be too delighted to advise you.




Appearance is everything!


A healthy mind in a healthy body… the saying could also apply to a good meal.


You wouldn’t go out clubbing in your ski gear, so take the time to dress correctly for the occasion, whilst being true to your own personal style. First and foremost, be yourself, at ease in your clothes. There’s no point wearing a shirt if you can’t move your arm when you need to dip your bread into the mouthwatering 3 cheese fondue!




The 5 senses


Cooking is all about making new discoveries. Awaken your senses and pay attention.


Listen as the beef sizzles on the grill…


Revel in the aroma of the mountain soup dusted with truffle shavings…


Admire the delicate arrangement of the sea bass fillet on its bed of courgettes…


Can you feel the Beaufort cheese mousse melting in your mouth?


And the farmhouse bread cooked in the bread oven….hear the crust crunch as you cut it!




Smile, it’s time to enjoy yourself!


Did you know that the stomach works much better when you are in a positive frame of mind? So enjoy, think positively and smile. Your friends will be happy too!


Did the waiter make a mistake with your order? Laugh about it and tell him in a pleasant way, anyone can make a mistake.




There, now you’re ready for your evening out. Whether it’s gastronomy, traditional or exotic cuisine you’re looking for, the choice is yours.


So what are your tips for making the most of dinner out in a restaurant?


Bon appétit!

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Thibaut P. | Val Thorens ski resort
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Thibaut P.
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On 19 December 2014
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