Whether it's a wonderfully sunny or foggy day on the slopes, ski goggles are an essential accessory for protecting your eyes and improving your vision!

In this article, you'll find all the advice you need to find the right ski goggles for you.

Adapting to the weather and ambient light

All ski goggles sold in France provide 100% protection against ultraviolet rays (UV). However, they don't all filter light in the same way, and come in 3 different categories:

Lens S1: Cloudy / Overcast
Lens S2: Unsettled weather
Lens S3: Good weather

For foggy or "whiteout days", I recommend yellow or pink tinted lenses that accentuate contrast. In very bright conditions (on glaciers, at the end of the season...) I recommend a darker lens for better protection.

For more flexibility, some "photochromic" goggles are able to darken and lighten their tint depending on the intensity of the sunlight.


It's good to have goggles that protect you, but even better if they're comfortable too!
You need to take a number of different points into consideration:

- Foam: preferably double or triple density foam that moulds to the shape of your face.

- Goggle shape: whatever size they are, your goggles need to fit your face and they shouldn't be too tight around your nose. I recommend that you try goggles on while wearing your helmet before you buy and make sure there isn't any space between your helmet and the top of the goggles.

- Single or double lens: to avoid condensation, I recommend goggles with a double lens. The air pocket between the two lenses avoids condensation build-up.

- Ventilation: essential for avoiding condensation and for goggles to sit flat against your face.

- Frame: choose whichever suits your face best.

Tip: Glasses wearers should note that some frames are designed to be worn over glasses. These goggles are labelled OTG (Over The Glasses), and are larger and deeper than other pairs.

- Strap: so your goggles can be adjusted to the circumference of your head, I prefer wide, anti-slip straps.

See you soon for the next round of advice! If you have any ideas or questions relating to your mountain equipment, leave a comment below!

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