I don’t ski…so what can I do in Val Thorens?    

You love breathing in the pure fresh mountain air, admiring the breath-taking snowy landscapes and soaking up the welcoming atmosphere…but as for skiing, it’s not really your thing is it?    
Worry not, because here you can enjoy the mountains even if you don’t ski. Whether you come as a couple, with your family or friends, there is truly something for everyone.
Here’s a selection of activities, tried and tested by a fair-weather skier!  


Please note, even if you’re not on the slopes you should still apply sun cream when you’re outside. At an altitude of 2,300 metres, the sun’s rays reverberate off the snow and onto your skin. (Have you read Thibaut’s article about albedo?).

Goal n°1: relax!

On a day-to-day basis, we tend to forget about our well-being, but a holiday in the mountains can help you to relax and get rid of the stress accumulated during the working year. Massages, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, heated pools… feeling tempted? Try out the resort’s various well-being and beauty centres; you won’t be disappointed.
Our top tip: save this activity for a day when the weather’s not great; you’ll appreciate being pampered in the warm even more.    


Spa detente val thorens


Goal n°2: a total change of scenery

The mountains in winter are the perfect place to walk. Who doesn’t enjoy feeling the snow beneath their feet whilst admiring stunning views? Take the sentier de la Montagnette; an easy, gently sloping path that’s great for families, couples or even on your own whilst out walking the dog. Take your time, sit down on a bench along the pathway and admire the view before heading back to the buzzing resort (allow for approximately 90 mins, there and back).
If you go around midday, don’t forget to take a picnic (and some dog biscuits), and leave yourself enough time to build a snowman.    
In the know: this south-facing path is always in the sunshine, boasting fantastic views over the Belleville Valley and the resort of Val Thorens.    
But…this moment of happiness has to be earned, and the path is quite hard to find. Don’t hesitate to pop in and see one our destination experts at Val Thorens’ Tourist Office, they’ll be only too happy to show you how to get there on a map.

sentier pietons val thorens


Goal n°3: have fun!

Just because you don’t ski doesn’t mean you can’t experience the thrill of gliding on the snow. A 45-minute toboggan descent awaits you, and you’re going to love it. We guarantee thrills and excitement, hysterical laughter and a fun moment shared with family and friends. You’re bound to want to do it again!    
Our top tip: try the descent at night-time, head torch attached to your helmet, and experience the mountains in a whole new light …

Goal n°4: Busy doing nothing in the sunshine    

What better way to catch your breath after all of these activities than by relaxing on a terrace in the sun? On a nice sunny day you’re sure to find all the Val Tho locals sitting at a table or lying back on a deckchair at lunchtime or after work. Just imagine, you get to do that all day long! For a lively, international atmosphere, head for the higher end of resort where all the skiers tend to meet, giving it a real buzz at après-ski time. If you’re looking for a quieter atmosphere where you can chill out, head towards the resort centre.     
Just because you’re not skiing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the high altitude terraces of the slopeside restaurants. As a pedestrian, you have access to certain ski lifts, such as those that take you up to our favourite panoramic views: the top of Cime Caron at an altitude of 3,200 metres with 360° views over more than 1,000 Alpine summits, and the Italian side of Mont Blanc (the cherry on the cake!).    
Oh yes, before I forget, make sure you use plenty of sun cream…


So there you have it, when you tell your family and friends about your winter holiday in the mountains, even the most hard core of skiers will want to take their skis off for a while;)


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