Jazz in Val Thorens: why you shouldn’t miss this festival!

From the 17th to the 21th of April 2019, the Vienne Jazz Festival will be taking up residence in Val Thorens. Bit odd, don’t you think? Not really! In fact, Vienne Jazz Festival and Val Thorens have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years, and this winter both partners have decided to mark the occasion by combining each of their areas of expertise. The result: a full-on jazz festival at an altitude of 2,300 metres!
On the programme for Val Thorens Jazz Festival (renamed for the occasion): a 4-day festival, 12 concerts and 34 artists and musicians. Has that piqued your interest? See what awaits you below!
Are you tempted but still not quite sure? Here are 5 reasons you really shouldn’t miss this festival!  

1.    Experience the shared values that unite Val Thorens and Vienne Jazz Festival

Nonconformity and creativity: what about combining jazz and the mountains? Done! A desire to innovate and offer a new kind of entertainment whilst breaking boundaries perfectly illustrates the approach shared by these two partners.
Sharing and meeting people: just like ski holidays, music is an excuse for people to get like-minded people together. Everyone is welcome to come as they are to enjoy this unique experience.
Cultural crossover and cosmopolitanism: we love mixing nationalities and ages… And Vienne Jazz Festival loves doing the same with its unusual mix of genres: bossa nova, soul, blues, hip hop, funk. Something for everybody!

2. The best part of the season: springtime skiing!

In April, the days are longer and warmer, and the sun often peeps its head out from behind the clouds, the whole resort feels relaxed… That’s what springtime skiing is all about. Whether you like relaxing on a deckchair or descending the slopes chatting about this and that, there’s a huge range of activities to choose from. And what could be better than mixing this lovely time of year with a few musical notes?

3. Music adds something different to skiing!

Some of you love the mountains… but don’t love skiing quite as much. This is a chance for you to get some fresh mountain air and recharge your batteries while having a great time during your week’s stay. And for those who really can’t pass up the chance to ski, why not alternate your ski sessions and bouts of relaxation with some musical interludes. A concert after skiing, or in the evening, or even some live music on a terrace in between two ski runs, sounds great doesn’t it? Although the festival will be centred around music, that doesn’t just mean concerts: film screenings, conferences, exhibitions will also take place throughout your stay, giving it a really different feel from your average ski holiday.

4. You’ll be able to boast about seeing some major jazz stars

China Moses is none other than the daughter of the great Dee Dee Bridgewater, and her swing is definitely a match for her mother’s! She also presents the Made in China programme on Jazz Radio. As for Kyle Eastwood… don’t tell me you haven’t heard of his father? It seems that jazz is passed on from father to son in this family of artists. I won’t say any more about it but come and judge for yourself whether or not Kyle is every bit his father’s son.
Of course, what festival would be complete without a selection of slightly lesser known artists who are every bit as talented. Come and discover Zaza Desiderio and Ewerton Oliveira and their Brazilian-inspired music, as well as Da Break who offer ‘soul boom pop’ influenced by their passion for hip hop.

5. Children are welcome

It’s said that music has charms to soothe the savage breast… and it can also do the same to children. As well as the range of concerts taking place before your little ones’ bedtimes, a children’s musical show called “Nanan” will take place on Thursday the 12th of April at 6pm in the Joseph Fontanet forum. Musicians will be giving their young, enraptured audience the exquisite gift of music… and the whole family is of course invited to join in this 50-minute musical event. Don’t be surprised if your little one leaves the show with a new fixation: learning to play saxophone or bass!
For a sneak-peek at what’s to come, give your ears a little treat right now by listening to some of the brilliant artists who’ll very soon be playing live on the Val Thorens stage: http://www.jazzavalthorens.com/.

I look forward to seeing you at the festival; something tells me that I’m going to be seeing you in the front row more than once!


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