let me share one of my top tips for having a great time with your little ones during your stay here.


the kid’s workshops take place on mondays and fridays, from the christmas holidays until the end of the season. the aim is for parents and children to take part in an hour-long creative workshop based on the theme of the week.
past themes include recycled christmas decorations, a feather carnival mask, spring planters, april fools’ pranks…


please note! it is very important for everyone to have fun. relaxation and laughter are what these workshops are all about. sulky faces and scowls can stay outside please.


and what’s more, each child gets to take their creative masterpiece home with them at the end of the workshop as a souvenir of the great time they had - just like a footprint made in the snow (and they’ll also enjoy a tasty snack - arts & crafts make you peckish).


so far so good; you still with me? great, because this year i’ve concocted lots of new things, fresh out of the oven with a sprinkling of sugar! get your aprons and chef’s hats on, it’s time to bake! four times during the season, we’ve got easy, mouthwatering recipes just waiting to be discovered in our longer workshops: longer (90 mins), bigger (15 children) and twice as yummy.


get stuck in, roll up your sleeves and use your hands: weigh, cut, mix, spread, taste, sprinkle, bake, watch… see a whole team of kitchen staff come together before your very eyes in val thorens! if that’s got your tastebuds tingling and your mouth watering (watch your keyboard), make sure you take note of the next session dates: monday 6th february, friday 24th february and monday 17th april.


as you can see, i get straight to the point. i’m not one for fuss; all i want is for you to have a good time. i hope my few words have been of interest - i won’t go on too much longer but i just wanted to let you know that the workshops take place every monday (3pm-4pm) and friday (10am-11am) in the tourist office. please sign up in advance, unless you are a val thorens club member (don’t worry, it’s free to sign up and you can do it from the comfort of your own home, sitting comfortably on the sofa with a cuppa in one hand and writing www.valthorens.com with the other).


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