A new cable car connection Orelle – Val Thorens via Cime Caron

The “3 Vallées Express” cable car has been replaced by the new “Orelle” cable car and another new lift to the top of Cime Caron has been built called “TC Orelle-Caron”. This allows a direct link between Orelle and Val Thorens by cable car on skis or by foot.

The new connection, made possible thanks to the support and investment by Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, will allow visitors to arrive in resort via the Maurienne Valley and come up to Val Thorens passing by the mythical Cime Caron peak and its 360 degree views of the Alps.

It will be accessible to both skiers or pedestrians who wish to access Val Thorens without using the slopes or roads. Pedestrians can then take the Cime Caron cable car to descend to the centre of Val Thorens which means they can keep their feet dry, with luggage allowed, too. The whole trip takes less than 45 minutes.

Opening of a new connection

By opening up Cime Caron to pedestrians coming from Orelle, and creating a link to Val Thorens, even for people with luggage, both resorts are establishing a new way to access the 3 Vallées. Holidaymakers coming from Italy or the rest of Europe will be able to avoid the traffic in the Tarentaise Valley – the normal road route to Val Thorens. Drivers can now continue on the Maurienne Valley motorway - the A43 - exit at Orelle, park in the free car park and then take the new ski lifts. Thanks to a specific pedestrian pass, non-ski visitors can also have an immediate “high altitude” experience by enjoying the panoramic views from the top of Cime Caron at 3,200m.

The cable cars in numbers

  • FLOW RATE DOUBLED to a maximum of 2,500 people per hour
  • 7 METRES PER SECOND the cable cars are amongst the fastest in France
  • 20 MINUTES from Orelle to Cime Caron
  • 45 MINUTES between Orelle and Val Thorens


  • 4,997 M in length
  • 1,462 M height gain
  • 87 cable cars



  • 2,235 M in length
  • 820 M height gain
  • 44 cable cars
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