Seaside v mountainside
After a great weekend on the shores of Lake Lacanau on the Atlantic Coast, I had the great idea of comparing our two cultures: seaside v mountainside – after all, we’re not that different – and the pictures prove it!
Vienne’s Jazz Festival with the Club Val Thorens special guests
3 years ago saw the start of a beautiful relationship between Jazz in Vienne and Val Thorens
Take care and see you next season.
It’s snowing…yet it’s the end of the season. As we switch off the last chairlift and carefully park the piste groomers in the garage, all of us here in Val Thorens just want to hold you close and say THANK YOU!
A Snow groomer ride, an amazing experience !
Comfortably sat in a minibus with tinted windows, Sarah gives Chris’s hand a squeeze. They know they are going to experience something totally unique, but they’re not sure what exactly…
The strange feeling of autumn
I’ve been living in Val Thorens for almost seven years now, and as I’m sure you’ll have guessed, I love the mountains, the snow and skiing. The mountains have this incredible ability to stir strong feelings inside of me all year round, but more particularly in autumn.
Training evacuation of the Peclet Funitel
The ski lift management company (SETAM) regularly carries out emergency evacuation drills. Today, Thibaut’s taking you with him to experience the emergency evacuation drill of the Péclet Funitel lift by helicopter!
Val Thorens kits itself out with the new SNOWsat piste grooming management system
Armed with the SNOWsat piste grooming management system, the resort of Val Thorens takes innovation to new heights...
Avalanche rescue dog-handler training
Avalanche rescue dog-handlers regularly get together for training. This year, the end-of-season refresher session took place on the Val Thorens ski area. We went along to meet them...
Piste grooming
It's 2am when the alarm goes off. I'm not used to getting up this early it has to be said but I manage it quite easily, especially since the experience that awaits Ingrid and I is exceptional to say the least… We're off to groom the ski slopes!
Gazex Maintenance
This winter, we followed the Ski Patrol team on what is known as an active avalanche control plan. In summer, the equipment still requires maintenance and the gazex needs to be checked, repaired and replenished. If you’re not scared of heights, come along with us!
Preparation and maintenance of the MTB trails
Every year, even though the ski season has drawn to a close, the resort teams carry on working hard to prepare for the summer season. Today, we’ve decided to follow the preparation and maintenance of the MTB trails in the Belleville valley.
Setting off an avalanche with the ski patrollers
This morning we were lucky enough to accompany the Ski Patrol team on what is known as an active avalanche control plan. The aim is to make the ski area safe after heavy snowfall or high winds.
The creation of a snowflake
Then a very innocent question comes out of nowhere: Why is a snowflake shaped like a star? you have any idea what to reply? The answer is here !
What's new for Val Thorens' ski area - Winter 2014/15
After 4 chair lifts were modernised or replaced in 2013, 2 ski lifts have been totally refurbished this year for improved comfort and reliability.
What's new on Les 3 Vallées ski area - Winter 2014/15
As is the case every year, many improvements have been made to the runs and ski lifts of Les 3 Vallées for your safety, comfort....and enjoyment!
Avalanche dog handling is much more than just a job.
Today, it's an inseparable part of mountain rescue and indeed, of the Alpine imagination: avalanche rescue dogs and their handlers are a symbiotic team, essential to rescuing people in the mountain environment.
A hybrid snow groomer on Val Thorens' slopes
A pioneer in environmental advances, this season, the Val Thorens ski patrol team boasts a new electric-transmission snow groomer, a 2013 innovation from Kassböhrer.
Do you know? - Artificial snow
Artificial snow, a resource from the natural environment « Artificial snow produced by snow cannons is the same as snow which falls from the sky.
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