That's it, spring is now well established, and we must accept the fact that this winter season is coming to an end... It's already time to store the ski equipment while waiting for the next descents (by the way, we have a few tips for you about this subject in another article).

Once again, this winter season had been synonym of wellness and exciting sensations. For a day, a weekend or more, you had disconected from your daily life, and surrounded by mountains, enjoyed every little second with your family, friends, lover ...

If you already feel nostalgic (just like us), and look forward to the next winter season to ski down your favorite slopes, here is a selection of the most beautiful views recorded by our webcams this winter. Pictures to be enjoyed without moderation !


The 27th of December 2018, at the top of funitel de Thorens

webcam val thorens


The 24th of January 2018, at the top of funitel des 3 Vallées

sommet des 3 vallées webcam


The 8th of February 2019, on Boismint sector : That how we illustrate the expression "seeing life through rose-colored glasses"  !

belle image ciel montagne


The 22th of February 2019, at 7pm at the top of the funitel des 3 Vallées

ciel étoilé montagne

Still February the 22th, at midnight, while the Vallée des Belleville was lit up by the full moon.

pleine lune montagne


The 12th of March 2019, at the top of funitel de Thorens

best of webcams val thorens


The 10th of April 2019, at the top of funitel des 3 Vallées

meilleures webcams val thorens


And now, last but not least, a beautiful bluebird day after an heavy snow fall : 6th of May 2019 at the top of Lac Blanc chairlift

snowfall valthorens may

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