Fun on the slopes deserves to be filmed for posterity, so I thought I'd give Tom Tom's Action Cam Bandit a go with my workmates.

Let me introduce you to Tom Tom’s Action Cam:

The camera is made up of 3 parts: an interchangeable lens, the unit with a screen and the «Batt-Stick», which contains the battery, microSD card reader and USB port. If, like me, you can never find the cable to download your images or charge your battery when you need to, the Action Cam is perfect for you; you don’t need to worry about cables any more! It’s lightweight, easy to carry in your hand, and easy to clip on to the accessories, even with your ski gloves on!

Easy to use

The screen and menu are very user-friendly, with just one control panel. The other buttons are used to capture, tag and edit your your «feats», and to stop recording.
Once the camera is in video mode, it’s quick and easy to fix to your helmet or pole and what’s more, the attachments can be used with GoPro accessories, so if you have those already you won’t need to buy any more!

Tip: to check your camera is in the right position, you can use your smartphone as a viewfinder to see what the framing is like. Connect the camera using wifi via your smartphone, then download the Tom Tom Bandit app to see what the camera is filming at that moment in time, then choose the ideal position.
Once the camera is set in position, all that remains for you to do is to make the most of the slopes and enjoy yourself! There is enough battery life for a good day’s skiing.

Editing in 10 minutes flat!

Back in the office, I started editing. In 10 minutes flat, with no experience and no computer, it was done - no word of a lie! This was all thanks to the integrated action sensors. During the day, the sensors record your position, force, speed, rotation, acceleration and altitude. The camera combines all of the information and tags video highlights. The app also offers a manual tagging option so that you can locate your highlights on your phone, tag them and the vide will edit in a matter of seconds.

See the results here:

As soon as the video is edited, you can share it with your friends on social media! (cue moans and groans from those who had to stay in the office!)

Diving and snorkelling fans can also take advantage of the camera, thanks to the waterproof lense that comes with the premium pack.

If you’d like to try one out, they’re available free of charge to VTPass holders at the Tourist Office.

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