The ski lift management company (SETAM) regularly carries out emergency evacuation drills. Today, Thibaut’s taking you with him to experience the emergency evacuation drill of the Péclet Funitel lift by helicopter!

A small group of volunteers step into the Péclet Funitel cabin before its ascent, but after just a few minutes it grinds to a halt. You can feel the tension mount in the cabin as a wave of excitement and apprehension fills the air.

The helicopter quickly approaches with the rescue team. Two members of the team arrive from above, via the access hatch on the cabin roof and all of the volunteers are equipped with a harness. The cabin doors are closed and the first person to be evacuated is attached to the winch cable.

You’ve got no choice, you have to go! With your feet dangling in the air beneath you and your hands holding on tightly, the helicopter rescues each person stuck in the cabin, one by one. Whilst thrilling to experience, fortunately this has never happened in real life.

And what if the helicopter is unable to fly due to bad weather conditions? Then the evacuation would be carried out through a controlled abseiling descent using ropes.

And if you missed it, you can also find out how the Cime Caron cable car evacuation takes place.

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