A ski area like nowhere else, open 170 days a year, Val Thorens is a dream destination for die-hard mountain enthusiasts. With steep slopes, wonderful winding runs and adventurous off-piste zones, it's the ideal environment for experts and beginners alike.

With its 150 kilometres of slopes, you'll love rediscovering an exceptional ski area that will surprise you each time you visit.

The configuration of the ski area and its cutting-edge ski lifts mean you can move between the different sectors quickly and easily, making the most of your break. You won't need to plan an itinerary; the sun will guide you throughout the day.

In our quest for an adrenalin rush or snowsports fun, we are all in search of that one run that lets us get away from it all, our legendary run...

What is a legendary run?
It has something extra that can't be explained, a history, a particular exposure, exceptional panoramic views, a touch of madness or a unique atmosphere... It's the run that gives you a real buzz each time you're on it!!

After skiing, listening, and interviewing the champions, I can let you in on a few of our ski area's secrets: Val Thorens' legendary runs.

Combe de Caron, Black run

Caron Sector: panoramic skiing. Take the Cime Caron cable car with its legendary panoramic cabins. A spectacular show awaits you at the summit: at an altitude of 3,200 metres, take a 360° tour of the horizon over more than 1000 summits in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Follow the Combe de Caron, a legendary run in the 3 Vallées. The steep first section takes you to a narrow pass leading to some large valleys, requiring endurance and technical mastery. You'll love its northerly orientation and generous amount of high quality snow. Next, move on to the Col de l'Audzin red run's final beautiful curves.

Boismint & Plan de l'Eau, Red run

An absolute must, a particular favourite of Timy Théaux (Val Thorens Instructor and ProRider) for its very long descent from the top of the Boismint chair lift to the bottom of the Plan de l'Eau chair lift, the lowest point in the ski area at 1,800 metres. You take two red runs that naturally follow on from one another, the Boismint and the Plan de l'Eau, which together offer almost 1000 metres vertical drop. Discover a pretty, sunny itinerary straight down the slope, providing a continuous, wide run that offers a great deal of variety and which is often ignored by skiers. Advice: Best enjoyed in the morning after the snow has been groomed.

Christine, Red run

Péclet Sector: skiing at the foot of glaciers. The Péclet funitel, one of the ski lifts inscribed in Val Thorens' history, takes you up to almost 3,000 metres. Follow the Christine run over 700 metres of vertical drop, making you feel as if you're in little valley far away from everything else. This long, wide run over rolling terrain is made all the better by its changes in pace. Advice: don't forget to look up when you pass by the foot of the Péclet Glacier's West face. There are so many ways to vary your fun: why not take the neighbouring Tête Ronde run, which will delight anyone who loves fantastic turns!

Mauriennaise, Red run

Orelle Sector: amazing skiing in the sunshine. How about skiing in the 3 Vallées' 4th valley?! Val Thorens-Orelle, a single ski area, a single ski pass and, on the Orelle side, beautiful slopes flooded with sunshine as well as the highest skiable summit in the 3 Vallées at 3,230 metres: La Pointe du Bouchet. Leaving the Grand Fond cable car, follow signs to the Mauriennaise run, a long, rolling, red run with a succession of semi-flat areas, topped off by a fantastic large wall. Advice: go in the late morning for the best snow.

Goitschel, Black run

Plein Sud Sector: ski at the crossroads of the valleys. To enjoy sun-drenched slopes all day long, choose the Plein Sud sector, which offers runs on for all abilities. Don't miss the famous Goitschel run starting at 2,900 metres; a wonderful steep, continuous, straight Black run, ideal for warming up your legs and practising your wedeln technique. At the end of the day, ski to the sound of music with the atmosphere of the Folie Douce. Advice: best enjoyed in the morning after the snow has been groomed, it gets busier at the end of the day because of skiers returning to the 3 Vallées.

Médaille & Rhodos, Red run

Val Thorens Sector: powder-snow skiing. Take the Grand Fond Funitel up to the Col de Rosaël at 3,000 metres and admire magical panoramic views over the resort. Follow the signs to La Médaille, a North-facing Red run which enjoys exceptional snow that's very dry and cold. This wonderfully long and rolling run is a great environment for expressing yourself through your skis. Once at the intersection, follow the Rhodos run, which continues on perfectly from the previous run.

Blanchot & Tetras, Blue run

Boismint sector: something to delight fans of long Blue runs, and enormous fun thanks to the combination of the Blanchot and Tetras runs. Traversing almost 1,000 metres of vertical drop, these long, wide and beautifully winding runs follow on perfectly from one another, varying the fun, and creating the impression of a change in environment with every turn you make. The ideal environment for beautiful turns. Recommended by our champions.  

Asters, Red run

Thorens sector: take the Thorens Funitel up to 3000 metres to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views over the Péclet, Maurienne and sumptuous Chavière glaciers. The very beautiful Les Asters Red run awaits you in a tucked away valley; the run is fairly steep at the beginning followed by two large breaks in the slope that vary your fun. Thanks to its wonderful northerly orientation, you'll be greeted by great snow. Bonus: Big vertical drop over a short distance. Next, take the Génépi Blue run, prized for its width.

Find the runs on our interactive map.

It's your turn to try them out! Which is your favourite run?

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