On the 9th of October 2014, 320 women from all different backgrounds will be taking part in the 14th edition of the «Rose des Sables» trophy. Amongst them will be Stefanie Gorini and Julie Coppier, Val Thorens' very own dream team!

What is the «Rose des Sables» trophy?

It is a competition carried out in the style of a traditional African rally. There is just one difference however, this trophy is reserved exclusively to women.

Participants set off in a 4X4, dune buggy, quad bike or motorbike for 10 days, covering more than 6,000km in the desert. The aim is to get through all of the different control points at each stage with the help of a road book, a map and a compass.

The race starts in Ciboure in southwestern France and participants will travel through Spain and on into Morocco.

Rankings are made according to two main criteria: orientation in the desert and crossing the dunes. Speed is therefore not a determining factor needed to win!

Solidarity and support at the heart of the adventure

Beyond the values of sport and human adventure that bring all of these women together, solidarity and support with the local desert population are of the utmost importance.

The Roses des Sables trophy supports the «Children of the Desert» association and each team sets off with 50kg of school supplies, toys and essential hygiene products. These gifts are given to children in the south of Morocco throughout the competition.

Food parcels are also provided in conjunction with the Red Cross.

The trophy works alongside the breast cancer association «Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!» to raise awareness to all sponsors and partners involved, as well as to participants in an aim to support all those women who are affected by the illness.

The Valthor'oses team: a strong friendship and a crazy challenge

When Stefanie first heard about the race she knew immediately that her best friend Julie would be a great co-pilot. The two of them couldn't imagine taking part in a this emotional adventure without each other.

«We've both experienced all sorts of things in our lives, but this adventure is going to be exceptional... Friendship is an adventure in itself, but this adventure is going to take our friendship to a whole new level... »

Far from their daily life, working in tourism in Val Thorens, Julie and Stéphanie are planning to push themselves beyond their limits.
Behind the wheel of a Toyota V8 4x4 Landcruiser, loaned to them by a sponsor, they have both undergone a great deal of training in driving and orienteering, as well as in digging sand instead of the snow they usually dig in Val Thorens !

The resort of Val Thorens is proud to be a part of this project. Head to their Facebook page if you would like to follow their adventure: https://www.facebook.com/Valthoroses

If you would like to encourage these two «Roses», please leave a comment below. In the meantime, here 's the teaser for the 2014 edition. It looks tempting doesn't it?

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