A spot of shopping: what souvenirs are you going to take home with you from Val Thorens?

Just imagine, it’s Friday night and tomorrow’s your last day in Val Thorens. But all of a sudden you remember you’d promised to take your mum/sister/uncle/grandmother/colleague/boss (delete as appropriate) a souvenir back from Val Thorens !


It’s action stations in the apartment as everyone joins in to try and find a fabulous souvenir. A photo taken with your phone on the balcony? A ‘mountain-style’ wooden spoon borrowed from the apartment? A few flakes of Val Thorens’ snow in the cool box? STOP! You’re in luck, we’ve chosen the best souvenirs from Val Thorens for you (and what’s more, the shops here are usually open 7 days a week!)


Snow globe: THE most popular souvenir sold in the gift shops (it’s true!).
Some people might say this gift went out of fashion long ago, but if you’ve got a snow globe collecting uncle you can’t go wrong! Here’s a selection of the most beautiful snow globes we came across in Val Thorens.



Val Thorens T-shirt: the perfect way to show you are part of the Val Thorens’ community. If you wear one of these, you’re sure to get friends and colleagues coming up to you saying things like “I love Val Thorens, which is your favourite run?” and “Have you been to the top of Cime Caron?”


Food: whilst this gift is somewhat short-lived, it’s such a brilliant idea! Let us give you a guided tour of Val Thorens’ best local produce!

Cheese: beaufort, reblochon, tomme, abondance - these cheeses are an integral part of the Savoyard heritage.
Crozets: if you haven’t come across these before, they are small square Savoyard pasta shapes that go well with Diot sausages, Reblochon cheese and so much more  
Saucisson: there really is something for all tastes. Walnut (our favourite), blueberry, beaufort, herbs and many more to tantalise the taste buds!



Whistling marmot: this soft toy has become the must-have souvenir available in all gift shops. It’s the perfect present to dress up the entrance to your grandmother’s house (and would look good in your little one’s room too)!



Electric piste groomer: unfortunately the big piste groomers are reserved only for professionals. But believe me, if you’ve ever dreamed of getting behind the wheel of one of these for real, a small remote controlled version might just do the trick! And whilst you’re at it, why not pop into the tourist office and pick up some stickers to decorate it!*



*Hot tip: as an adult it’s not always easy to buy this kind of thing for yourself. But don’t be afraid to put it on your son/daughter’s windowsilll and make out to everyone that it’s theirs! :-)


Hot tip 2: to personalise your piste groomer, call in to the tourist office and collect some stickers!


Genepy: an after-dinner liqueur par excellence to be enjoyed after a delicious meal in Val Thorens, genepy will finish off your evenings nicely when you get back home**.

** Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please drink in moderation.

Val Thorens mug: perfect if you want to stand out during a meeting, this mug lets you show how proud you are to be a fan of Val Thorens (and/or to remind your boss that he/she needs to sign off your next ski holiday request!).


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Thibaut L | Val Thorens ski resort
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Thibaut L
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On 17 February 2017
powder alarm tho !
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