Your 10 challenges for 2018!

That’s it, the New Year is upon us! We wish you happiness, fulfillment and serenity for 2018.

On that note, we have a challenge for you: are you ready to take up our 10 special #SnowAddict challenges?

Me scared? You must be joking!


1/10 Try out a new snowsport!

From a tender age, skiing’s always been your thing, you’ve got all your medals, passed all the different levels and black runs are a walk in the park.. ..
So now it’s time for you to try something new! How d’you fancy giving telemark skiing, snowscooting or monoskiing a go?


2/10 Film your most amazing achievements

Are you fed up with having to get your phone out to film your best descents, or to take a selfie at the top of Cime Caron? Did you know that Val Thorens and GoPro are very very good friends?! Join Club Val Thorens and try out the latest GoPros.


3/10 Go skiing with a moustache! You’re on!

Fancy a change of style? Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you get out your fluorescent  retro ski suits (although why not!). There’s nothing better than a moustache to change the way you look! Adopt a new attitude, have fun and let your hair down!


4/10 Name the 10 legendary places on...the colouring picture

Think you know the resort like the back of your hand? For this 4th challenge, we’d like you to find 10 of the resort’s legendary places on the latest of the highly orginal Made in Val Thorens gifts: the giant colouring picture! Can you spot the ice driving circuit?


5/10 Have a go at ski touring

Still haven’t tried walking up the mountainside with sealskins on? Pretend you’re one of the pionneers of the Far North, or quite simply a die-hard mountain fan, and get to it!
Our top tip? Have you heard of Dynafit Snow Leopard Tracks? They’re beginner’s ski touring sessions held during the school holidays… join in - you won’t be disappointed!


6/10 A special 3 Vallées day

Head to Pionniers or Plein sud! Today you’re setting out to discover Les 3 Vallées! Why not have a go at skiing all 8 ski resorts in the area? En route for Brides-les-Bains, Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires, Courchevel, La Tania, Méribel, not forgetting Orelle!


7/10 Grant me serenity!

What if your stay in Val Thorens was an opportunity to recharge your batteries and feel revitalized? Madeline, Salomé, Elise, Marie, Kateline and Anne-Lyse are on hand to give you your very own copy of our My Serenity guide, available at the Tourist Office!
Did you know that looking at a snow-covered mountain for a few minutes can substantially reduce stress levels?


8/10 Share your happiness… even more!

You know the lyrics…“Don’t worry, be happy!”. Try waving to the ski patroller at the top of the ski lift, or cracking a joke on the chairlift! Over to you…


9/10 Try out an unbelievable activity!

You never thought yourself capable! But the sense of achievement is amazing. This year, how about throwing yourself into mid-air on the zip line? Or giving the Delir’Park a go? Val Thorens is jam-packed full of unusual activities - the hardest thing is choosing where to begin!


10/10 The 10th and final challenge is...

Holding someone in your arms never harmed anyone; why don’t you pop into the Club House and give Salomé, Edouard or Marie a hug? I’ve got a feeling a freshly made cup of coffee or tea might be waiting for you.
Our top tip: Let your girl/boyfriend know what you’re up to first…!


And if you fancy adding to this list of challenges, feel free to send us your ideas!


We look forward to seeing you soon in Val Thorens. Until then, take care of yourself.



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