You’ve dreamed of this! Sat comfortably in front of your TV, engrossed in your favourite show, you must have said to yourself at some point, «One day I’ll be on there!».

Well now you really will be!

On Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th February, the famous French TV show, «Midi en France», will be broadcast from Val Thorens.

Live from Place Caron, Laurent Boyer and his team, comprised of Vincent Ferniot, Jean-Sébastien Petitdemange, Hélène Gateau, Nathalie Schraen-Guirma and Nathalie Simon, will present the wonders of the resort, and the surrounding Belleville and Tarentaise valleys.

The spotlight will be on Val Thorens for 52 minutes, encapsulating its cultural, traditional, artisanal, culinary and gastronomic heritage.

On the programme: filming live amongst the general public, autograph sessions and, for a lucky few, access behind the scenes (subject to availability).

Between two runs, why not take a couple of hours out to take part in a TV show, free of charge!



Monday 9th February:

- from 10.20am-11.25am – Filming of the show live on Place Caron // MONDAY’S showRepeated on Monday 9/02 at 10.50am on France 3
- from 12 noon to 1.10pm – Filming of the show live on Place Caron // TUESDAY’S showRepeated on Tuesday 10/02 at 10.50am on France 3
from 3pm to 4pm – Filming of the show live on Place Caron // WEDNESDAY’S showRepeated on Wednesday 11/02 at 10.50am on France 3
- from 4.05pm to 4.20pm: Autograph sessions with the presenters



- Behind the scenes visit of the remote production truck and dressing rooms, subject to availability(25 people max).

Sign up with the show management team. Must be over the age of 7.

Visiting times:

MONDAY: from 10am to 10.15am (8 people)

from 11.30am to 11.45am (8 people)

from 2.30pm to 2.45pm  (9 people)



Tuesday 10th February:

- from 10.50am to 11.50am – Filming of the show live on Place Caron // THURSDAY’S show – Repeated on Thursday 12/02 at 10.50am on France 3

- from 1.20pm to 2.20pm – Filming of the show live on Place Caron // FRIDAY’S show- Repeated on Friday 13/02 at 10.50am on France 3




Show features:



«Recipes and Gastronomy»

Every day Vincent Ferniot will cover a different theme as he meets a local chef and a cookery enthusiast.

The opportunity to highlight local produce and regional savoir-faire. Vincent will also be presenting his «tips&tricks».



«Follow the guide»

On Monday, Jean-Sébastien Petitdemange will be presenting the resort as he takes a walk with a passionate guide or local personality. He will be looking at the local architecture, discovering the resort and the surrounding area in a new way, visiting its cultural centres, as well as unmissable, inaccessible or little known places.




Every day, doctor Hélène Gateau, vet and presenter on the show, will be introducing us to different animals (cats, dogs, cows, horses…), wildlife parks, professions and local personalities through her reports. She may also highlight local initiatives that aim to improve the well-being of our anmal friends, and will take a look at the local fauna. Once a week, she carries out a search to place a pet with an adoptive family.



«Nathalie’s pearls of wisdom»

Nathalie Simon heads up the «health» and «well-being» features. She focuses on people and specialities linked to two themes through local expertise, well-being centres or production companies, associations and local initiatives. Her advice can also be of a sporting nature.



 «Made in France»

In this feature, Nathalie Schraen-Guirma researches «kind gestures», through local and regional activities. She also covers the way a town or resort and its surrounding area can become well-known due to the expertise of its exceptional craftsmen and women.



«Vu d’ici »

Every week, the «Midi en France» team of experts are joined by a presenter from the local France 3 Région television channel, who shares  his or her knowledge of the town and the surrounding area.



« Vue d’en haut »

Every day, the France 3 Région local television  presenter reveals an unmissable place in the town or region filmed from a drone. These aerial images are carried out exclusively for «Midi en France», allowing viewers the chance to look down from the skies.


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