Avalanche dog handler, much more than a job.

Today they are inseparable from mountain rescue and even from the Alpine imagination: the avalanche dog and its master form a united duo necessary for the rescue of man in a mountain environment. Admired by adults, adored by children, the avalanche dog, generally represented by the St Bernard breed, has been one of the…

Val Thorens

Jean Béranger, a star among the pioneers.

Commit with passion...but reflection. This is a sentence that could well sum up Jean Béranger...Monsieur Jean Béranger. One of the great men of Val Thorens An essential figure in French skiing, Allevard's child is one of the creators of the ski resort. Val Thorens. A player in the development of the highest resort in Europe, he founded the ESF there and remained…

Val Thorens

Jean Frédéric Chapuis Olympic Champion!

Thursday February 20, 11:47 a.m. in a bar in Val Thorens. There are at least 150 people, parents, fan club members, friends, vacationers, their eyes glued to the big screen to wait for the final of the country's child, Jean-Fred Chapuis. When the starting gate lowers, the spectators' heartbeats race. 1 minute and…

Val Thorens

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