Playbook - Valthy aims for the Moon


Discover the planet Val Thorens with Valthy, the astronaut marmot!


Valthy is preparing for her next trip to the Moon.

She chose to come to Val Thorens because it looks a lot like the Moon.

Valthy needs your help, little earthling, to get to know Val Thorens better, to be able to train well and to get her rocket to the Moon off the ground.


This playbook is for all seasons, winter and summer.

It can be collected at the Tourist Office.



Treasure hunt in the resort - Mission Val Thorens


Help Valthy find his rocket!


Valthy spend so much time with his head in the stars that he's ended up misplacing his rocket.

Thank godness you're here to help him find it!


How to proceed:


  • Pick up your game booklet at the Tourist Office (Place Caron).
  • Head to the places numbered on the map, try to solve the puzzles and fill in your notebook.
  • Once you've solved the puzzle, return to the Tourist Office with your notebook to collect your gift!


Slope game on the ski area


Valthy loves to race down the slopes of Val Thorens!


Like any good rider, Valthy has his favourite spots and she would like you to discover them.

So she has hidden punches in 6 places in the ski area!

Find them all, punch your booklet and bring it back to the Tourist Office where a gift will be waiting for you!


All punches are located at the departure station of the ski lifts.

The booklet to be punched can be collected at the Tourist Office.




Club Val Thorens : an unmissable opportunity with Val Thorens