Family and children ski passes

In Val Thorens children are pampered, the ski pass is free for children under 5 years old.


Children's ski passes

From 5 to 12 years old for the ski areas of Val Thorens and Les 3 Vallées.

  • The 6-day Val Thorens ski pass: from 195,80€ to 244,80€ depending on the period
  • The 6 day 3 Vallées ski pass: from 249,60€ to 288€ depending on the period

The Family Pass

This is valid for a family of at least 4 people (2 adults and at least 2 children aged 5 to 17 for Val Thorens and Les 3 Vallées). This pass is available for one day or from 6 days for Val Thorens/Orelle and from 6 days for the 3 Vallées area.

RATES: all family members pay the child rate!

To benefit from free or reduced rates, an identity document proving the age of the children will be requested. Similarly, for Family Passes, proof of family relationship is required.

The Easy Riders zones: start skiing for free

To get off to a good start, 2 areas are available free of charge to introduce you to the sport in complete peace of mind:

  • On the Milky Way next to the Castor and Pollux mats
  • On the frog track next to the Shrew and Voles mats

Once launched, a dedicated EasyRider pass for 4 hours or 1 day at 50% of the public price will allow you to start exploring the Val Thorens area! Check the ski lift website for all the information.

The little extra: did you know that more than 50% of the slopes in the 3 Valleys area are green and blue?


Consult the Easy Rider trail map

Introductory course to first glides


With the ESF

Club Piou Piou from 3 years old

Club Piou Piou welcomes children from 3 years old to introduce them to skiing in a secure kindergarten.

Mini riders lessons from 4 to 6 years old

The ESF of Val Thorens welcomes a course for the youngest: learning to snowboard for 4-6 year olds. With its "mini rider" course, the ESF will introduce the youngest to the practice of snowboarding, in complete safety, in the Children's Garden.

+33 (0)4 79 00 02 86


With Prosneige

Baby skiers, skiing from 2 years old / Mini riders, snowboarding from 4 years old

First steps towards skiing and snowboarding with the help of an instructor. Parents must accompany their children.

More information on the Prosneige ski school

+33 (0)4 79 01 07 00


With Evolution 2

The Yeti Park - From 4 years old

Kids training ground situated in the centre of the resort especially designed to help your little ones to learn and progress in the best possible conditions while having fun.

Small groups from 4 to 8 children max.

More information from the Evolution 2 ski school

+33 (0)6 13 76 78 74

The fun zones in the ski area


The fun zones in Val Thorens are the ideal place to ski together as a family. This season they have been redesigned to allow children and beginners to progress their skills in a fun way. Because of its height and closeness to the stars Val Thorens has always been linked with a moon theme, but now beginner skiers can go into space, discovering the cosmos and moon.

This winter you can find Valthy, the Val Thorens mascot, and his friends (Abby the bee, Chamy the chamois and Foxy the fox) on two new slopes and fun zones: the new space slope and the “Expérience spatiale”.

And that’s not all. Your space adventure will continue throughout the resort, with family games on the slopes and in the village.

Put on your space suit and get ready to play all winter.


"La piste de l’espace" VT FUNRIDE

This long fun slope will enchant young and old with its space theme and the presence of Valthy. The goal is to complete Valthy’s mission — to cross space as fast as possible while conquering challenges along the way.

These include slaloming under arches and between the mascots, passing through a snowy tunnel, making music and tackling some moguls.

Once they’ve completed their challenge, children will want only one thing: another go in space.


"L’expérience spatiale" VT FAMILY PARK

This beginner snow park is designed for families and beginners with a host of fun experiences. The goal once again involves Valthy and his friends on a space adventure.

Skiers will enter the slope and start with Abby on a series of rolling jumps, which will make them fly like a bee. Once in the air — and in space — it’s time to slalom between meteorites, stars and planets with Chamy. Lastly, it’s time to land back on earth where Foxy will be there to help with some jumps, ski/space travellers can learn how to land properly.


A new picnic zone

Once all these space adventures are over, astronauts can reward themselves with a well-deserved break in the new chilled picnic zone with lounge chairs, bean bags and tables to eat or sit down for a minute. And of course, there’s a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

Learn to ski with the Wingjump - Ski Cool

Designed like a parachute wing, the Wingjump is worn like a cape attached to the poles. It inflates with speed and provides the skier with a light and safe glide.

A real innovation in learning to ski, especially in pole placement!

Courses proposed by the Ski Cool ski school.

Children's torchlight descent - ESF

Imitating the red jumpers is a child's dream!

Equipped with an electric torch, the children become the actors of the traditional torchlight evening usually reserved for ski instructors.

The torchlight descent takes place every week of the French school holidays.

More information

Toboggan runs

Val Thorens has 2 toboggan runs including the longest in France, the Cosmojet.


The Cosmojet run

The famous toboggan run is completely designed around the theme of the universe. Sledgers are invited to go in search of a new earth along a 6 km trail full of amusing surprises, punctuated with scientific data to learn while having fun!

Price: €18.30 for a daytime descent and €27 for a night descent - Free for children aged 5/9 accompanied by an adult.

More information on the Cosmojet


"La piste aux étoiles"

"la piste aux étoiles" is 250 metres long and has a 45 metre difference in height: laughter guaranteed! Accessible to children from 6 to 10 years old.

The run is safe but not supervised! Free of charge. Don't forget to bring your helmets.

Place Caron - Lifts via the Castor and Pollux magic carpets.

More information on the "Piste aux Étoiles"

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