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Apnea at Lac du Lou:

  • July 2021: “I would like to greet and thank Dan from the bottom of my heart for this privileged moment. He knew how to transmit his passion with a unique pedagogy, his good mood reassures and brings a lot of confidence during the discovery of apnea which seems surprising when you are not used to it.
    The sensations are unique, to evolve in cold water proves to be of immense comfort once well equipped.
    We made beautiful discoveries by observing underwater reflections of the Sun. The satisfaction of reaching the bottom of the lake during the exercises makes the experience particularly pleasant. The setting is sublime, the explanations rich; the laughter and the good mood are omnipresent.”

Apnée au Lac du Lou  Apnée sous lac Lac du Lou


Live my life as a snow groomer:

  • January 2018: "Thank you so much for arranging the snowcat ride! This was a great experience and an impression to remember for the entire life! My father passes you his thanks as well. And the last but not the least: Happy New Year!  Best regards" Alexander
  • March 2019: "Surprise birthday present for Matheo ! One super lucky little guy went on a snowcat adventure, grooming the slopes in the best ski resort ! (And got an awesome personalised gift to continue the adventure at home), many thanks to Val Thorens !!" Nathalie C.

balade en dameuse val thorens  balade en dameuse val thorens


Double Zip Line "Bee Flying" by night !

  • January 2019 : "Thank you Club Val Thorens' team for this beautiful present, this zip-line ride will remain engraved in our memories ! " Claude
  • January 2019 : "I would like to thank Club Val Thorens and the SETAM, it was incredible, magic, and above all by night, it's insane !! Thanks again ! " Baptiste

tyrolienne val thorens


Live my life as a snow-clearer:

  • January 2019:  "We took part in the experience "Live my life as a snow-clearer" with Yann. It was really nice, we saw every little part of his job, and now I have a different point of view on the road. Yann explained us that a white road can actually be already cleared, and we understood the purpose of spreading gravel on snowy roads. That was really interesting !"  Lydia
  • February 2020: "Very early in the morning, Yann introduced me to his department, his organisation, the buildings, his vehicles and then we went to meet the 80 cm of snow that had fallen in 2 days and which had become the target of teams and snow removal machines. And then we did the "in motion" sequence, a fun session that will surprise you. I climbed aboard a sand scraper, a cutter that loads the snow and a "12-wheel" truck that removes the snow. It was great! I really liked discovering this efficient and very discreet team that ensures us permanently snow-cleared and clear roads. Bravo and thank you again to all for your welcome and sharing your life." Jean-Paul

déneigement station de ski tempête de neige


Torch-lit ski descent with the ESF ski instructors :

  • February 2019 : "That was really great, joyful ski instructors plus their kindness enable me to have really good time, and the view of Val Thorens by night is really awesome, many thanks to Club Val Thorens team !" Raphaël

descente aux flambeaux moniteurs val thorens


Cosmojet toboggan ride :

  • March 2019 :  "It was great ! I did it with my wife (and had a race !), and took the opportunity to overtake a group of English people ! I recommanded this activity to my family and friends ! Thanks again for the present ! What a beautiful resort, we'll be back on Val Tho ! See you soon !" Antoine

descente en luge val thorens


Chill Zones:

  • February 2019 " I had great time hanging out at the chill zone with Club Val Thorens members! Morgane and Mathilde are mastering the art of melting raclette cheese like nobody else, the ambiance was so cool, thank you for inviting us and making Val Thorens so special for me! " Margaret

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