The environment is the valley’s future

The Saint Martin de Belleville town hall adhere to "the charter in favor of the sustainable development" in the ski resorts and is commited for the planet. An information sheet « How much ozone gas does my mountain holiday produce ? », printed by the Mountain Riders Association in partnership with the Town Council, is available from the Tourist Office.

- Mountain upkeep: In Val Thorens the SETAM (the ski lift company) is responsible for the vegetation, gass covering and the majority of the piste landscaping. The piste compagny is responsable for the snow coverage and the piste upkeep. 

- Artificial snow : 100% natural : water, air and nothing more ! With a negative temperature, water droplet are propelled in the air and transform into snowflakes.

- The ski lift company, (SETAM), is committed as much as possible to waste management, energy economy, limitation of atmosphere and noise pollution, preserving the water reserves as well as protecting the countryside. 

- The SETAM obtained, in October 2007, in addition to the ISO 9001 certification (quality), the certifications ISO 14 001 (environment) and OHSAS 18 001 (personnel safety). 

- Every year, the SETAM organise a pick up of the rubbish from the pistes.

- Rubbish selection: over 50 points for rubbish separation are available throughout the commune. 

- Parking is regulated and traffic limited in order to reduce pollution and contribute extra comfort to tourists. To this end, underground and outdoor car parks have been built and free shuttle buses run around the whole resort.

- The Val Thoren’s bowling is heated using a wood-burning boiler.  

- Each year about 20 000 litres of vegetable oil are collected to the restaurants and recycled into biocarburant.

- The Valley’s environmental mascot, a small marmot, reminding us of daily eco-citizen actions appears on posters and signposts throughout the resort. 

- An info-spot about rubbish separating is broadcast on the local radio to remind holiday makers to separate their rubbish.

Download SETAM QSEE Policy :  Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Performance.

Getting around in Val Thorens

The free shuttle bus service which runs between all the different districts of the resort has been considerably improved this winter. It now has:
- A regular timetable visible at each bus stop (except on Saturdays, arrival day).
- In addition, an on-board GPS system to announce each of the 10 bus stops.
Not forgetting the replacement of the old vehicles by buses with the norm EURO 5, more respectful of the environment.

Information on CO2 emissions - SETAM


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